Seven Tips for the Perfect Resume Photo
Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach
August 18, 2022, 6:53 pm

Seven Tips for the Perfect Resume Photo

A photo in the resume is a crucial element in resume preparation. It increases the chances of your resume receiving a review.

Most employers are reluctant to invite a faceless candidate for an interview, and for some, photography is perhaps not an essential point. After all, there are professions where appearance plays a significant role, and recruiters would rather understand whether you are suitable for a vacant position.

But choosing the right photo to conquer an HR specialist at a glance is not easy. Let's figure out what nuances to consider in photos for an expert resume.


Resume photos must be clear and have natural hues. Photos with Instagram filters or black-and-white tones are better left for home archives. Also, you should avoid low-quality photos and note the size. The recruiter does not have to take a magnifying glass to look at your face. At the same time, the photo should not occupy the entire page. It is also not necessary to add more than one picture.


An important criterion is also the relevance of the photo. It happens that a recruiter is waiting for a brunette with a short haircut and glasses, and a long-haired blonde woman comes to the interview. It's not a rule, but experts advise adding resume photos to your resume so as not to undermine your confidence. Even if it looks like you looked a lot better five years ago and you want to conquer your employer with such a photo, try to give up this idea.

No selfies

Photos made by someone else look more professional. Specialists advise you to use the photographer's services and take high-quality pictures in a business style. But if it is an expense for you, then ask for help from friends or relatives. The front camera and the selfie in the mirror should be forgotten.


The resume photo should be a portrait. Avoid snapshots of full size, look from the back, or get your face in the foreground. Photos with friends, relatives, loved ones, etc. should not be attached. The resume photo should have a face and shoulders. But at the same time, it should not resemble your passport, because such a photo is not able to convey all the charm of the candidate. It is not necessary to curl, grimace, or play eyebrows in the photo. It will be best if you take a picture with a half-smile.


A corporate photo where your colleagues appear and you are holding a glass is not the best option for a resume. First of all, avoid overly informal surroundings: there should be no rugs on the walls, no sights, or your kitchen design. You can use a workplace or wall in neutral shades for the background.


Think about your photography attire carefully: it should be in a business style, without the bright details. If you want to impress your employer, then forget about any over-the-top neckline, t-shirts, or tops. Women should also take care of makeup and hair. They should also be business-friendly and not be too extravagant.

Job matching

For a resume photo to work in your favor, it should be as consistent as possible with the job and the company you are sending a resume to. For example, if you are applying for an office position, your photo should be done in a businesslike manner and in the right environment.

If you want to work, for example, as the presenter, it would be reasonable to add a photo from the scene with a microphone in your hands. You can also view employee photos on the company website to understand how you should look to associate a recruiter with a specialist who already works for their company.

When choosing a photo for your resume, remember that you should look the same as you would for an interview with a dream company. So, consider all the nuances and make your perfect photo.

Why Is It Important to Have A Perfect Photo on The Resume?

The resume photo is the first impression that you will get from an employer. It's the first thing they see, and it's the last thing they remember. So why is it important to have a perfect photo?

The perfect photo on your resume tells a story about who you are, what you can do, and why you're the best candidate for the job.

Here are 3 reasons why having a good picture on your resume is so important:

  1. The first impression matters. A good work history speaks volumes about your experience and skills, but a bad photo instantly tells employers that you don't care about making a good impression or taking pride in what you're doing. If your photo doesn't look like an accurate representation of who you are, employers may think twice before bringing you in for an interview.

  2. A good photo can make a huge difference in how much people remember you after they've seen your resume for one minute.

  3. In today's job market, having a great resume photo will help you stand out from all other candidates and increase your chances of getting an interview or a job offer from the first place on the list where you applied



Choosing the right photo for your resume is tricky, whether you choose a picture taken by a professional or you take one yourself. And the other factors that define the best resume photo are a neat format, absence of pictures with other people's faces, and high definition.

All these tips can help you make your resume have the perfect photo. Good luck!


How to take a resume photo?

Using the right lighting is the best way to make a resume photo. The best way to do this is to have a professional take it. You can also use your smartphone to take photos, but it's better to use an external camera. You'll need your phone's flash and tripod while taking the photos. If you don't have a tripod, you can always place your phone on top of something sturdy like a book or coffee table.

Where to put professional photo on a resume?

If you have a professional photo, it should be at the top of your resume. The main purpose of this is to help potential employers identify you as a potential employee and to give them something they can look at during the interview process.

How should a resume photo look like?

A perfectly timed photo is the most important part of your resume, so you should make sure that you get it right! Make sure to take a good quality photo of yourself that shows off your personality, and not just your best side.

What to use for resume photo?

You can use just about anything as long as it's high quality and shows off your best features! Here are some ideas:

  • A professional headshot of you wearing an appropriate outfit (e.g., suit jacket and tie, business casual).

  • An outdoor shot which is taken with natural light.

  • A photograph of an object relates to what you're looking for in a job.

Is it unprofessional to have a picture on your resume?

It's not, as long as you're upfront about it. You can include a photo on your resume by placing it in a box or using an image with text. The important thing is that the photo must not take up too much space and must not distract from your professional experience section.

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