5 best resume writing services

If you are firmly determined to find a job in a prestigious company, then, first of all, you should draw up high-quality resume assistance. A document with a list of your career achievements, skills, and personal qualities must be written so that it “sells” you even before the interview.


How to Find a Dream Job with Resume Experts?

Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States, the number of people who lost their jobs increased to 5.2 million. Over the entire quarantine period, the number of unemployed Americans was 22 million. Many people at the same time began to think about fixing resumes and changing their occupation.

At such a time, searching for a new job and professional resume services became more than relevant. Besides, it’s challenging to overestimate the quality importance of writing a resume in the face of rapidly growing competition in almost all areas.

A resume is a document that describes what a candidate can do and what his experience is. An employer reviews a resume to see if it’s worth it to spend time interviewing a candidate. Thus, a career change resume is the first impression an employer received about a. A good reason to spend an extra hour or more to improve this document.

The resume should interest the employer, but do not overload it with creativity. A too verbose document can even scare away even if there are valid experience and the skills which are necessary for a particular position.

A high-quality functional resume for a career change should include the information that the employer requires and be suitable for a particular vacancy and have specific phrases and keywords. For example, you can use one of the online services to create a resume, as certain design standards should be followed.

Why Using Resume Services Now?

Even though you can be a copywriting specialist, you cannot always know what recruiters really need. Therefore, very often, people order the services of professional resume writers who are involved in compiling personally. Best resume writers will help you create a resume that will be best suited for a particular area, show your strengths as a specialist.

Services for writing a resume offer a wide variety of services, and even consulting services shows resources where you can find a job.

Usually, the primary functions are:

  • Resume Writing;
  • CV Writing;
  • LinkedIn Writing;
  • Cover Letter Writing;
  • Employment Advising;
  • Careers Change.

There are a lot of requests for writing a professional resume today. At the same time, the number of companies providing resume writing services is growing every year. But how to choose the most profitable and high-quality option that suits you?

We have put together the top 5 best services for writing a professional resume. Let’s take a closer look at our top resume reviews.

ResumeGets: Best Quality with Individual Approach

  • Pricing:

    $149 - $349

  • Turnaround:

    1 to 5 days

  • Industries:

    All industries including Healthcare, Marketing, Finance, IT,Business, Sales, Military, and ect.

  • Customer support:

    free phone call | e-mail | webchat | social media

ResumeGets is a team of certified professional resume writers who will write you a career change resume for absolutely any industry. One of the main advantages of the service is an individual approach to each client. That is, each professional resume is unique. The management team provides consultations 24/7, and you get a ready resume very quickly — in just 2 days.

ResumeGets abreast of the latest HR and recruitment trends and will respond to your needs. This service’s distinguishing features are on-time delivery, low prices for the high quality, and full security of personal data.

Additionally, ResumeGets revise documents for free if you are not satisfied with their quality. The service often provides excellent offers and discounts. For example, the “Against a Pandemic” program may bring you an income by using your link; it helps people find a job during the quarantine. 

Besides, on the website ResumeGets.com, you may find a lot of useful information, tips, and advice about how to write a resume by yourself. Articles in Blog will help you deal in various working situations, successfully pass the interview with recruiters, and always be in a professional trend. ResumeGets provides full customer support from the time you apply, in the process of writing a resume, and until you get the finished product using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which screens resumes before a human ever sees them.

ResumeGets Provided Special offers:

ResumeGets How it works:

  • Choose the services you need and share your old resume or fill out the special form to provide your writer with all the details.
  • Collaborate with certified resume writers to create your career story, communicate the changes and approve the content.
  • Receive two versions of your resume (doc and pdf) in just 2 days & start applying for jobs right away.

TopResume: Excellent Reputation with Global Writers

  • Pricing:

    $179 - $349

  • Turnaround:

    7 to 14 days

  • Industries:

    All industries including Military transition, Academic, and Federal resumes.

  • Customer support:

    phone call for additional fee | e-mail | webchat | social media

TopResume is one of the largest web services for resume writing. The huge advantage is a broad writer base. It includes over 1,500 specialists, professional writers, HR-specialists, and proofreaders in any professional area all over the world. It allows for pairing each client with someone who is a strong match for their needs and qualification.

TopResume operated on the labor market for 6 years and received more than 4,300 positive reviews from customers. This service is rated by Google, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot, and other major companies. Strong content, full of relevant recommendations about the job search, is available on  Career Advice

One of the main advantages of the Top Resume is a 60-day interview guarantee. The service offers to rewrite your new resume free-of-charge in case you didn’t find a job. It worth noticing over half of the TopResume customers find their next job within 90 days of receiving their completed resume.

TopResume Provided Services:

  • Formatted and keyworded professional resume
  • Executive writers choosing
  • Persuasive Cover Letter (from sister company TopCV)
  • LinkedIn resume Writers

TopResume How it works:

  • The writer collaborates with you on a first draft after receiving all information about your career experience
  • Get your done resume and provide feedback to your writer, with up to two rounds of revisions
  • Receive your professional resume with 60 days guarantee for rewriting

ZipJob: Unlimited Resume Editing for Lower Price

  • Pricing:

    $139 - $299

  • Turnaround:

    from 3 days

  • Industries:

    All industries

  • Customer support:

    phone call | e-mail | webchat

ZipJob received many positive reviews from well-known employers as a straightforward and reliable service. ZipJob is featured in Forbs, Fox, NBC, and many others. Constant communication with customers allows ZipJob to determine the data and the needed result accurately.

The main advantage of the service is Unlimited Revisions. The writers will work with you until you approve the final draft. US-based expert writers are matched to your qualifications and career needs.

The service only hires certified authors to increase your chances of getting a job. The interesting thing is that the biographies and competencies of the top 10 resume writers provided on the website. The core of the team is made up of professionals with backgrounds in HR, Recruiting, Career Coaching, Job Placement, and Professional Writing.

ZipJob uses ATS Technology to optimize all the resumes to pass and score high with these systems. The 60 days guarantee for resumes is also presented on the services list. The service also provides revisions, pieces of advice, and explanations on career-building information.

ZipJob Provided Services:

  • Professional Resume Writing (additional fee for more than 4 pages)
  • Personalized Cover Letter (for an additional fee)
  • Rewriting Resume
  • LinkedIn optimization

ZipJob How it works:

  • Upload all the information about yourself or answer the questionnaire
  • Get in touch with your writer for as many rounds of edits as you need
  • Approve a final draft and receive confirmation that your new resume document is ATS compatible

Monster: International Focus with Great Experience

  • Pricing:

    $129 - $349

  • Turnaround:

    from 2 days

  • Industries:

    All industries

  • Customer support:


The service Monster has been operating in the market for over 20 years. During this time, they managed to establish themselves among competitors and always be there to help each applicant. Reviews about the company are almost entirely positive. More than 600,000+ people have already found their dream jobs.

The main advantage of Monster.com is its significant experience and knowledge of recruiting rules for two decades. Authors write resumes with an emphasis on recruiters and the needs of the company as a whole. Also, each resume reveals all the professional skills and experience of the applicant.

Another distinguishing feature is the international focus. Monster.com provides services not only to customers from the USA and Canada but is also optimized for European countries and the needs of their labor market.

Monster has each package that comes with a 60-day guarantee for rewriting. However, the service has certain limitations. For example, checking a finished resume is done only once. There are nuances with communication. The service offers feedback with writers only by email without a phone call. 

Monster Provided Services:

  • Resume
  • CV Cover Letter Writing Service
  • LinkedIn Makeover

Monster How it works:

  • There are three resume writing packages you can choose from, based on the professional level
  • Answer a list of questions or download the old resume with your professional data
  • Receive your complete resume in 5 working days with a 100% guaranty for rewriting without an additional fee

Resume Genius: Automatic Resume Builder

Resume Genius
  • Pricing:

    monthly subscription

  • Turnaround:

    from 2 days

  • Industries:

    All industries

  • Customer support:


ResumeGenious is one of the best resume writing self-services. Here you can choose the format, color, and various types of resume design. Depending on the field of activity where you plan to work, there are different options for writing a resume for each section.

Phrases and keywords are generated automatically. They are compiled based on thousands of ready-made resumes written by professional authors. On the website, you can find many examples of filling a resume, as well as free use of expert advice. If you want to use writer’s help with a resume, the service got redirection to Resume Writer Direct. 

Builder is a little different than resume writing services. There are some drawbacks here, as automatically compiled resumes do not consider ATS Technology. That is why the difference between writers and web algorithms is significant. 

Resume Genius Provided Services:

  • Resume Templates
  • Cover Letter Examples

Resume Genius How it works:

  • You choose a resume template and answer the questions about your work experience
  • Provide full information on your work experience
  • Receive your done resume on email automatically


The splash in the US labor market will continue soon. Moreover, not only highly qualified personnel and managers will be in demand, but also technical and service specialties. Therefore, many services offer a wide variety of companies that write resumes.

In order not to fall for scammers, it is worth looking at several factors. For example, you should look at company reputation, customer reviews, and the ratio of terms and costs for the resume. Also, make sure that you can return your funds if necessary. As a rule, bona fide companies give guarantees of return or refund.

In any case, updating a resume is an essential step on the path to career development. The choice of professionals for writing a resume should be taken responsibly. We hope you found this review helpful in pursuing your dream job!

Here is a little something for you. Get a $15 discount on your first order!

Here is a little something for youGet $15 discount on your first order!
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