How to Fix Your Resume: All You Need to Know
Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach
July 21, 2022, 2:21 pm

How to Fix Your Resume: All You Need to Know

If writing a resume is an art, understanding the errors in writing is a pure piece of craftsmanship. People at times forget that there are several hidden factors, which they must focus on with a view to making their resumes appear perfect. It is not about including your skills, achievements, and what you are best at. Instead, it is the process of avoiding some common mistakes that might become mote in the eye of the employer. You don’t want to do these mistakes, isn’t it? So, here are some frequently done mistakes, which you need to, avoid while compiling information in your resume.

Objective: Following common Trends?

Professionals these days have started putting their feet in the shoes of their predecessors in order to write an objective section — and this is the first point of information from where your personality is revealed to the employer. For example, “I want to work in a dynamic environment” or “I am looking forward to working with an organization that is laced with opportunities for growth and success” are some common expressions. Trust us, these expressions are too common to be found boring. Not even a single employer would like to see such career objectives written in resumes because they are so common! Almost every resume contains such language so, all you need to do is start afresh. Write down something intriguing, something like a hook to a great essay, which is an attention grabber. An example would say this objective section “Being a professional is a key to success and I definitely wish to unlock new horizons of success with it”.

Missing Information: Mistake or Blunder?

Your resume is your mirror of professionalism. Employers want to see you speaking objectively through this document so, it must have all the necessary information — you won’t prefer surprising your employer with something he or she could read in your resume after all. Thus, your resume is the key to including all that information, which is desirable. For example, you worked with some organization and you received recognition constantly there. This can be detailed in your present resume. If you are given managerial positions, mention it. If not, just make sure that you detail the information of your work profile in a way that makes you appear as someone who can deal with challenges. Mentioning training can be a good option here.

Excessive Information: Burdensome and frustrating

Writing down excessively over one section forces employers to skip that section. Eventually, in the process of skipping, the information, which he or she should read goes unnoticed. Thus, avoid detailing any section beyond the limit. You need to establish that line beyond which, every detail mentioned in the resume is simply null and void. For example, there is no need to write in too much detail about a position where you worked well and helped you develop some new skills. All you need to do here is to make captions and a few bulleted points and highlight the key areas through which, a glimpse of your work is provided. In the education section, a brief note can be added to show your basic education and that is enough; you are good to go.

Just Be Honest: Experiences and Gaps

We commonly hear that honesty is the best policy. Yes, it applies to your resume as well. At times, we all as professionals find it tough to continue working due to unforeseen conditions and it is quite understandable to take breaks. This creates gaps in experiences and it can be due to many reasons such as family issues, study projects, long illness at personal or in the family, etc. When writing resumes, professionals tend to overlook the gap portion because they perceive it as a weakness of their professional strength. However, this is not true; you must realize that you need to be honest with your employer. Make some extra bulleted points to highlight that gaps did happen in the past and there were certain reasons behind them. The reasons should be potential enough to hamper your professional career though.

Nature to Cut Short Working

This indicates to many employers that the applicant has not yet discovered himself. The reduction of working hours in one company, in particular, has forced them to adjust and remain calm in light of the current labor market developments. Your ability to aid the organization even intermittently will be demonstrated by the results you list. This also shows that you are a challenge lover and thus, you keep yourself motivated to work.

Wrong Experience, Wrong Place

Would you like to hire a front desk manager who has worked as a sales representative for five years? Possibly, your answer will be “no”. In resumes, one of the common mistakes people do is that they include every possible information in support of their experience and achievements. It ultimately makes their resume look totally messed up because a great deal of information stems from sources, which are irrelevant to the position they are applying for. You need to avoid this pattern because your employer wants to see only the relevant information for the position you are applying for. Thus, try it delete the information that is not suitable for the job profile you are applying for. You can save this information for another job category and use it in the future when you apply for that category.

Experience Counts

What other accomplishments are available if you are just beginning your career path and do not yet have any professional accomplishments? There are accomplishments in learning as well as social aspects of student life. It's great if you have participated in interesting projects as a volunteer or intern because it shows initiative. Write about your accomplishments in the arts, sciences, and sports; although they might not directly connect to your line of work, they do convey your personality, and this is what companies seek in new hires.

Exaggeration isn’t really needed

It should not be forgotten that information can no longer be hidden in the era of social networks. If you are unsure about the accuracy of the information you offer, you can contact an ex-employer to get references or file a support ticket with HR, who will review your application. Such a candidate is unlikely to be invited to the team even if the falsehood still holds true.

Photo and You

You can upload your own photo, and according to some companies, doing so makes you stand out from the competition at least on the surface. However, the image must be pertinent and should not include any other people, animals, or pals. The ideal photo should be professional-looking and in business clothes.

Ask for Salary but Be Realistic

It's possible that this information won't be mentioned at all in the summary but will be at the interview. However, if you write, you must make sure the level is appropriate. Do not minimize it. Professionals should value their work and deserve respectable compensation. Also, avoid exaggerating. The candidate won't be invited to the interview if there is a significant gap between what is desired and what is being supplied by the organization. Perform a quick audit: look at the resumes and job opportunities for professionals at your level, and inquire about salaries there and with recruiters. Your chances of landing a decent job will increase if you take the time to create a purposeful and organized CV.


How to fix your resume in 2022?

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What Changes will help in Getting Noticed?

Experience, achievements, realistic pictures, and well-crafted language are good to get noticed.

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