How to Show Career Goals in Resume Correctly?
Luci Peters
Certified Professional Resume Writer
March 1, 2022, 8:09 am

How to Show Career Goals in Resume Correctly?

Despite being often overlooked, career goals are the most important parts of your professional resume. Your work-related ambitions should complement your experience and skills as well as show your passion for what you do. Everything in your document should say why you want to pursue this career and how you intend to bring benefit to your prospective employer, especially the part where you state your career goals and objectives. This part of your resume is critical: the hiring manager either finds what he looks for or stops reading. In order to make your career goals clear, follow this simple advice:

1) Highlight Your Strengths

Your career goals should tell where you want your career to go. It is important to make this part of your resume attention-grabbing to keep recruiters’ attention. Also, you should use it to outline your best qualities and qualifications accurately and fit them in the context of the company’s goals and objectives. In other words, your resume should prove that your skills are applicable to the career goals you pursue.

2) Avoid Being Vague

Recruiters get bored with long and complex reflections on how you may benefit the company. Use advanced language but keep your tone specific enough to focus on the company’s needs. Your career goals should answer the requirements of the specific position you intend to land. An ideal professional resume requires customization of your career goals for every job posting you apply for. This rule may reduce the number of times when your application is kindly rejected.

3) Be Honest

Do not try to make up things for your resume to sound better. Recruiters have seen thousands of resumes, and they can easily distinguish the standard clichés from your honest aspirations. Read the job posting, highlight what they look for, and write what you can offer in response. You are ambitious and talented enough to plan your career and project where exactly it will lead you, should you get this particular position. Just write your work goals in a nice and professional manner.

4) Keep It Short

U.S. best resume writers keep reminding that your professional resume is a career brief that serves to tell about you as a professional and get you an interview. Thus, you have to think about the words you choose and the length of sentences you write in order to sound professional rather than descriptive. Mention only the most important things as your career goals, leaving all the unnecessary details behind.

5) Mention What You Aim for When You Change Careers

Well-written and clear career goals are useful when you intend to make a change in your career choosing one industry or position over another. They may explain why you have decided to make such a U-turn and what steps you have taken to excel at the new place. You can also list how exactly you think your previous experience can help in the new role and emphasize that you understand what is needed from you to contribute to corporate success.

6) List Career Goals When There Is No Career Yet

If you are a recent graduate, who only starts his or her professional way, clear career goals are your best tools to show how determined you are. Professional resume writers consider this section to be the most important for those who are starting their careers. You can benefit from listing your goals and proving that your education and internships prepared you to reach them in full.

7) Work on Your Cover Letter to Strengthen Your Career Goals

Your cover letter can be a useful tool to emphasize your prospective role and goals in the organization you intend to work for. It may serve as an additional document that specifies what benefit you can bring to the company. The only thing you need to do is to connect your achievements from your previous employment with the things recruiters look for in a successful candidate. It will be an excellent cover letter with clear career goals. Should you need any help with showing your career goals in your resume or cover letter, do not hesitate to contact professional resume writers.


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