How a Hobby will Help to Get a Job
Luci Peters
Certified Professional Resume Writer
July 25, 2022, 2:25 pm

How a Hobby will Help to Get a Job

Hobbies can tell a lot about a person, so often HRs pay attention to what applicants like to do in their spare time.

There is a lot of discussion about whether to indicate your favorite case in the professional resume, which of them will help to get a job and whether they really matter when deciding on a candidate.

We've put together all the tips about the impact of a hobby on your career.


Why do HRs pay attention to an applicant`s hobby?

A hobby is something you like to do in your free time, this activity brings you pleasure, regardless of whether it has any practical benefit or income. So the interest of HRs in this aspect of your life is quite understandable.

Every third professional HR wants to know about the applicant`s hobby. If they do not find this information in the professional resume, and the candidate's experience meets the requirements, they will be sure to ask about the candidate`s favorite things to do during the interview.

A hobby is a better way to tell about your values ​​and personal qualities than a set of professionally prepared phrases. Recruiters try to make a psychological portrait of the searcher's hobby. Although mostly guided by stereotypes. For example, if you like knitting, you may be considered non-communicative and sometimes boring. However, in practice, such a hobby can have a communicative and creative person who is tired of communicating at work and at leisure wants to do something monotonous.


What hobby will help you get a job?

To begin with, let's note that inventing a favorite business to get a job is extremely reckless. After all, each hobby has its own purpose and often it is more significant than the lesson itself.

There is an opinion that a hobby should correspond to a profession, then it will become a plus during employment. But if you are a financier, you do not have to make a credit debit in your free time. There are many other activities that will characterize you as a good specialist.

  • Team sports (football, volleyball, hockey, etc.) emphasize that you are a team player not only on the field but also in life. Therefore, such an employee will be indispensable in the team, where teamwork is especially important. He can also be a good leader because he knows how important one person's actions are for the whole team and is responsible for them.
  • Extreme sports – the ability to take risks and make quick decisions in critical situations is indispensable for managers. So, if you are applying for a leadership position and your hobbies are extreme, don't forget to mention them. For applicants for line positions, such hobbies are also important. After all, they show organization, concentration, and attentiveness.
  • Creativity ­– drawing, writing poetry, and more. This kind of hobby emphasizes the creativity of your nature. This is especially important for employees who are expected to create something new, original ideas, and non-standard solutions. Since creativity belongs to the skills that employers often want to see in their employees, regardless of position, this hobby will be a plus for everyone from designers to financiers.
  • Handicraft – embroidery, knitting, etc. Such hobbies require concentration. Therefore, for a recruiter, they can be a signal that the candidate is focused, sedentary, and can boast of patience. Such an employee is diligent, adheres to deadlines, and performs the job well.
  • Travel – if your travels are not limited to the beach and all-inclusive, but help to develop yourself, be sure to tell HR about them. This hobby shows that you are not afraid of change, you quickly get used to the new, and find common ground with people, so the period of adaptation to a new workplace will be quick and painless. If the responsibilities of the position you are applying for include communication with foreign colleagues, then this hobby will be an even bigger advantage.

Be sure to tell the recruiter if you have received awards for your hobby. This shows that you know how to set the right goals and, more importantly, achieve it. And everyone needs such an employee.


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