Why to send a Cover Letter along with a Resume?
Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach
July 28, 2022, 5:13 pm

Why to send a Cover Letter along with a Resume?

Resumes and CVs are the documents that highlight all of your skills and abilities, accomplishments and achievements obtained while serving in different positions. However, a resume or a CV is not always a document, which will secure an interview for a job seeker. Many HRs say that a strategically targeted cover letter is the most influential took in the job application package.

Regardless of the fact that recruiters recommend adjusting the resume every time you find a suitable job offer, very few job seekers do this. The same format and content is sent to the company working on technical solutions for the healthcare industry and the music industry, however, tasks and job duties of the position may vary significantly. The cover letter is easier to edit. It allows a job seeker to target the job and the employer in a specific way. One may draw a bigger picture on why his or her skills exactly will fit the job perfectly, leaving the resume to be merely a summary of accomplishments. Cover letters should be different each time they are sent to a new employer.

A good cover letter is not about repeating the resume in a narrative way. This is the first thing HR sees when receiving one’s application. It should tell him or her what the job seeker finds attractive in the job description and how his or her skill set will contribute to the achievement of the stated goals and objectives. A great cover letter will also highlight one’s business correspondence skills and the ability to express opinions in a formal professional way.

A killer cover letter is a representation of an individual’s approach to job searching process. Ideally, it would limit the number of companies one will be applying to. A person will need to do research on the company and the employer and find the keywords that would fit the job positing and his or her career background. He or she will also understand the code of ethics of the company and determine which writing style would be the most engaging and suitable for this company. A good cover letter will demonstrate an effort to find out more about the company and the analysis of personal knowledge and skills in terms of their compatibility with the expected competencies.

While applying, one cannot just write: “here is my resume attached.” He or she should state why they meet the key requirements and why they should be the ones to arrange an interview with. It takes time and skills to find keywords that would appeal to each of the prospective employers and provide the information that would make them consider your application in a greater detail. If you have limited time or find it hard to convey your ideas in the appropriate style, we recommend you address resume writing companies. When ordering a resume or a CV tailored to a particular position, you may also order a cover letter or two, which will be written to target each company specifically. Moreover, resume writing professionals will research the employer and analyze the best skills you have to fit the requirements. Keeping abreast of the latest trends in many industries, the best resume writers would make sure that you receive a killer cover letter that make you stand out from the crowd of other job seekers.


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