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In the modern world of information, almost every company has a position of manager, which is why it is important to look for manager resume examples. Despite the high demand, to get the best results, a real professional is needed. This is why it is important to create a good enough resume that would represent a person in the best light possible. To make sure everything will be done correctly, it is important to follow every step of our instructions. It is not a hard thing to do, considering we have perfectly described every element of the manager resume example. It is important to follow all of them, as they allow making the hiring process much easier and more efficient.

Manager resume structure

Resume examples manager position should be structured in a correct way. It should include the following information:

  • Professional experience;
  • Skills;
  • Education;
  • Desired position;
  • Information on future plans.

Modern CVs should not be too big; they just need to show as much information on the person as possible. Do not forget to show your previous achievements as they are an important part of a resume example for manager position.

Show your previous achievements

If you are an experienced manager, do not hide this fact. Present them to show your loyalty to companies you worked for in the past. It can include a couple of valuable details about your personal.

Name of the company Your previous tasks Years of activity
It is important not to forget to include the real names of companies you worked for in the past.  The best way to show what you are truly capable of is to name the positions you were previously hired for. Name them in the list, as it will be easier for HRs to see who they are dealing with.  Years of activity can be a good metric. They show how loyal you were to a working place

Do not be afraid to show yourself in a better light, but be responsible for every word you live in the document. An important part of the portfolio manager resume example is the list of skills, so be sure to add it to the CV.

Skills to add to manager resume

By looking at your skills, it is possible to tell how good you are at doing your job. It is important to be honest and clear on what you can and cannot do. Our resume examples manager shows a couple of popular skills that define a true professional:

  • Resource allocations
  • Administrative organization;
  • Experience with document editing software;
  • Communication skills;
  • Strategic planning!

It is a short list of skills that could become a good starting point for not only resume manager examples but also for real CVs as well

Resource Allocations

It is always important for a manager to have experience with resource allocations. A true professional should be able to quickly get information on all resources that are available at the moment in the company. A common skill that should be underestimated.

Administrative organization

People who are working as a manager should be ready for administrative organization. It is a skill that defines the way managers can handle tasks that require distribution of tasks between specialists in the team. On paper, it seems like an easy thing to do, but in reality, it takes a lot of practice to do things fast and efficiently.

Experience with document editing software

In the modern world, it is important to be able to handle tasks with different kinds of software tools. Most resume examples for manager present Microsoft Office pack as a common skill, but there can be a lot of other handy editing tools as well.

Communication skills

For managers, it is important to communicate with people all the time. In some cases, it can help in saving some time during the working process. 

Strategic planning

A perfect manager should be able to plan every stage of the project. Strategic planning is an important skill that can be developed only after a couple of years of active work

Possible formats of the manager resume

Our example of manager resume shows different formats of this document. Most of the time, it is presented in three different versions.

Functional Combination Chronological
It is a common type of CV that works perfectly for students who have finished their studying process and are actively looking for their first job.

This is a good version of a resume for middle specialists who have at least some kind of experience with some types of companies. 

The most serious version of a resume that perfectly fits the needs of senior managers. It should include years of active work, experience with particular software, and communication skills.

It is fairly easy to choose an appropriate format for the manager's resume by looking at examples of Resumegets

Manager resume writing tips

It is possible to give a couple of writing tips for a manager's resume. First, take as much time as you need to form a CV. Do not lie; the information can be easily confirmed using internet resources or by direct calls to companies named in the document. Being honest allows one to get a good job offer. Just be yourself, develop new skills, and be sure – you will find a great job.

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Manager Resume Example

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