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How to Write a Social Media Manager Resume

Who is the SMM manager? Profession SMM manager — one of the most sought-after and promising in the IT industry. In addition, this profession requires constant dynamic learning in order to keep abreast of the latest trends and knowledge in this field. Thus, the SMM manager is a universal specialist whose activity consists of the professional management of people and processes within the social platform of the brand. The beauty of social networking is that you can communicate with target users who are really interested in your services. And what is even more interesting, you can send the main message in a creative form that the audience will not perceive as advertising.

Job description

An SMM manager is an advertising agency specialist, marketing officer, or freelancer who promotes a brand using social networks. The role and responsibilities of an SMM manager depend mainly on how large the structure in which he works is.

If we are talking about a solid agency, the SMM manager here plays the role of an expert who performs managerial functions and manages narrower specialists working on a specific project:

  • copywriter;
  • designer;
  • analyst;
  • strategist, and others.

However, if we talk about the same profession as applied to a freelancer or a marketing specialist working for one particular company, in many cases, it is assumed that the SMM manager should work alone for the entire team of specialists listed above.

The social networking specialist manages the presence of the brand and promotion on social channels (Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Instagram, and others). His task is:

  • to increase the reach of the audience with which the product or service of the client is interesting;
  • to strengthen the client's image;
  • to process the negative;
  • strive to create a positive image for the customer.

Directly SMM may not affect sales (but indirectly, due to the positive image of the product - to increase them). The SMM manager determines in which social networks the brand will be promoted, in what way, how work will be built to find and neutralize the negative, how work will be done to increase the audience in social channels, and much more.


Regardless of how exactly the work of the SMM manager is implemented, he must possess a number of skills that will enable him to successfully launch and manage projects. Among them are the following.

  • The ability to identify the needs of the company and analyze the possibility of achieving them using social media within the allocated budget
  • The ability to select the most targeted platforms for brand communities, as well as create a common strategy for the presence of the brand on social networks
  • Skill writing and editing textual content that will need to be placed in the promoted communities
  • At least knowledge of the basics of web page layout and usability to optimize the client's website for social networks
  • Competencies of a PR specialist who will allow the SMM manager to communicate effectively with the audience, process feedback, and manage the opinions of others.
  • The ability to control the process of advancement, the skill of data collection and analysis.

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Resume Example for Social Media Manager

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