How to Find a Job while Being Employed
Luci Peters
Certified Professional Resume Writer
July 25, 2022, 1:15 pm

How to Find a Job while Being Employed

A lot of employees have thought of dismissal from their current position. If it is a systematic desire to change your life, so you need to act.

The search for a new job can take a long time, and payments from the past will end quickly. That is why making quick decisions not always is a good option. Most people choose the alternative way: to look for a new job without leaving the old one. In order for this option to be successful, you need to follow certain rules. Let’s point it out.

Try to get desired at the old work

Often an employee may like to work in a company but want more earnings, career prospects, or new interesting tasks. If this is your story, you should first talk to your manager about what is confusing you. Employers value professional employees and try to satisfy them in the company's requests. So, maybe you will get what you want in the old job and you will not have to look for a new one.

Do not disclose your intentions

If the company still cannot give you the career needs, then start looking for work, but in any case, do not talk about it. It is clear that the manager will not like this information and you may be fired long before you find a good job.

It is also better not to tell colleagues about your plans: often they do not know how to keep the personal information that could reach the manager, and you can already guess his reaction. It is also not necessary to talk to the recruiter in the presence of colleagues, discuss the interview by phone with relatives in the office, and browse the vacancies in open space.

Hide resume

If you decide to publish your resume, so that a recruiter from the dream company can find you faster, then hide it from your current employer. For example, you may choose resume visibility in the LinkedIn profile. Then HRs from your company will not be able to find out that you are looking for a new job.

However, you should not engage in excessive secrecy when publishing your resume like hiding or restricting access to your personal information. On the one hand, the recruiter can understand such levels of conspiracy, and on the other - prefer a more open candidate, and does not even view your professional resume.

Ask a question to the recruiter

During a conversation with HR, try to find out as much information as possible. Ask all the questions regarding your new position. After all, every interview is a risk of being exposed and an unnecessary hassle. So, it is better to find out that the company offers unfavorable conditions for you before the interview.

Attend interviews without successfully

If the recruiter is even more interested in your new job and invited you for an interview, you need to choose the right moment for it. The best option is to be able to go to the interview during non-working hours: before or after work, on weekends, or during lunch breaks. You can also take a day off or vacation to meet with several employers.

If your job involves meetings and works outside the office, it's easier to find time for an interview. But you need to make sure that no one checks your intentions. For example, if your office dress code is jeans and a stretchy T-shirt, it will be strange for everyone to see you in a business suit.

Do not burn bridges

When you get the dream job offer and already quit your current position, do not forget to say goodbye to your former colleagues. Be sure to notify your manager two weeks before the release date. Even if you have had some negative at work, you do not need to aggravate a conflict. No one knows how life can return and who you will have to work with in the future. So, it is better to thank the management and colleagues for their cooperation.

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