LinkedIn profile writing service

LinkedIn has long been a powerful tool for job seekers. Here you can describe your experience, achievements, skills and, with the right strategy, attract the attention of recruiters. You can also find those contacts that will lead you to the company of your dreams, as more and more recruiters use professional social networks such as LinkedIn to find employees, especially for key positions in the company.

LinkedIn profile writing service

The main advantages of this network are:

  • Bringing together professionals from all over the world to share information, improve skills and achieve success.
  • Showing your competitiveness, demonstrating to others how you keep up with your industry and stay on top of key trends, information, and transformation.
  • Sharing tips for working methods, benchmarks, and modern tools.
  • Providing the best opportunities in finding work and clients, as well as in establishing and maintaining business relationships.

But many job seekers refuse to work with LinkedIn, despite all the advantages, citing the complexity and inconvenience of the resource. They often don't know what to write. And at this moment, LinkedIn profile writing services appear on the horizon and do all the work for them.

It's our job to debunk myths about how difficult it is to use LinkedIn and help you create a profile that's effective in your job search.

Myth №1 – everything is complicated

At first glance, it may seem that there is too much here, and it is difficult to cope with all this. But if you understand that LinkеdIn has collected the best of two platforms, for example, from Facebook (where you can meet other people and share news from your life) and job search sites, for instance, HeadHunter (where you can post your resume and track vacancies), it becomes somehow easier.

On LinkedIn, you won't see pictures of cats or anyone's meals. LinkedIn is a space for building your career, your brand, finding partners and clients. People come to LinkedIn on business. This is a workplace.

Myth №2 – a profile in LinkedIn is the online equivalent of a resume

Well, it looks like this, but it is more interesting than a regular resume. Unlike a resume that you write for a specific job, a LinkedIn profile is the complete story of your career path. It also serves as a business card where other consumers decide to add you to their professional network.

Myth №3 – real professionals have nothing to do on social media

According to statistics, more than 65% of applicants of various levels of expertise and field of activity find work through networking in social networks. Ignoring modern technology can lead to missing out on many career opportunities!

If you are a professional in your field, share publications, participate in group discussions, use the principles of building a presentation, declare your expertise and keep growing!

What we do as a LinkedIn profile writing service

Most use LinkedIn as an online resume that future employers can see. A social network may help a business solve several important tasks besides finding employees. For example, to build communication with partners without spending extra time. LinkedIn is a true working tool for sales and building relationships with customers, as well as with people who are useful for business. The LinkedIn profile helps companies in hiring employees, partners and is indispensable for communicating on professional topics. Through LinkedIn, you can gather the best specialists for the event: using the search, specifying the industry and position, or through the professional community, filtering by the necessary contacts.

The more beneficial and high-quality information you can learn from the user profile, the more effective usage of the service will be. The goal of our LinkedIn profile writer, as a builder, is to create your story, ambitions, and personal brand, bypassing the limited capabilities that a usual resume provides. He or She will ask you to indicate not only the company, position, and years of work but also responsibilities, skills, and achievements.

How to find a job with a LinkedIn profile: ResumeGets guide

Build a strong profile

To find a good job, you must have a strong profile and a good network of contacts. A properly configured profile is 15-20% of success on LinkedIn; only then do you show up in the search for recruiters. The remaining 80-85% is the ability to create and maintain relationships with people who can help you find employment.

Show your openness

If you are actively looking for a job, demonstrate that you are open to new opportunities by enabling this feature in your profile.

You can also fill in the Career interests tab and indicate how actively you are looking for a job, what positions you are interested in, and where it is geographically. If you fill in this information, you will begin to appear in the search results for recruiters according to your professional interests.

Communicate actively

Participate in group discussions, publish posts and articles, expand your network of contacts.

Try to apply for vacancies by first talking to HR or a recruiter. In such a way, you will clarify important details and understand whether it is worth submitting a resume here, thereby saving your time and the time of the person in charge of the vacancy.

Be aware of hidden jobs that you won't see on LinkedIn or job search sites. The only way to find out about them is to get acquainted with recruiters, HR managers and contact the company directly. And LinkedIn is perfect for that.

Update your profile information

The frequency of profile updates depends on your professional goals.

Let's assume you've already created an effective profile. It is important to simply maintain such a profile: analyze your achievements (every 3 months), add completed projects, courses, new skills, and certificates. Think about how to visualize your work using multimedia files. It is advisable to update the photo at least once a year.

If you still have doubts about whether you are using your LinkedIn profile correctly, write to us, and together we will create your dream profile!

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