Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Winning Resume
Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach
February 18, 2022, 8:59 am

Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Winning Resume

Resumes and CVs have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Creativity, innovation, and marketing are three components of a successful job application. Therefore, do not follow the advice of your relatives or friends when you write your resume even if they are professionals in your area of expertise. They simply may not know the latest trends in resume writing and CV writing.

To write a successful resume that would ‘sell’ your talents and skills as unique assets, you should have in mind a couple of important facts.

  • A job-winning resume should be optimized and inviting to the eye. It should be neat and concise while being informative and fact-based. Moreover, it should be stylish and easy to read with a moderate amount of professional terminology. You must remember that HR managers are not always competent in all job-related terms and abbreviations, and an excessive amount of such can create a bias. Professional resume writers are there for you when you need a translation from a professional language into a language understood by many.

  • There are a number of resume templates that are available online and are quite appealing. However, pay attention to the codes and policies of the companies you are applying to. Sometimes, the companies may like the simplest black&while resumes which are easy to scan using professional applicant tracking software. This is a key factor that may lead to the success of the job application or oblivion. Companies offering resume services keep abreast of the recent developments in HR software and tools and promise to create a resume that would definitely pass to a human reader.

  • The most-known Application Tracking System (or ATS) selects resumes that correspond to the industry and include the majority of job-specific keywords. Be sure to include a good number of keywords to pass ATS and get an interview or use the services of professional resume writers, who would help you with finding keywords and fine-tuning your resume, if you feel lost in writing by yourself.

  • Personalize your resume and make HR managers feel like you are the best candidate. Read the job offer carefully and find out the competencies and talents the company is haunting for. Analyze your professional achievements and describe them the way the employer expects or get assistance from resume writers and turn your accomplishments into a dream of every employer.

  • It is always a good idea to have supplementary correspondence for job application purposes, e.g. cover letter, thank-you letter, and follow-up letter. The first thing an HR manager faces is a cover letter. Therefore, it is a good idea to personalize it in order to create a great first impression. When you get resume help, you can order supplementary add-ons, which would describe why you are a perfect fit for the specific company.

  • Nowadays, the job application process is done online. Some HR managers require sending a real resume upon checking your LinkedIn Profile. Therefore, pay attention to fine-tuning your LinkedIn Profile and be sure it contains information that differs from your formal resume. If you find it hard to complete your profile details, let US best resume writers make it for you. Moreover, LinkedIn itself is a good platform for a job search.


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