Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach
July 25, 2022, 11:23 am

The Advantages of the Cover Letter

The process of getting a job has changed throughout the recent decade. Job application has also gained certain requirements and rules, following which you will definitely land the right job. Furthermore, it is an undeniable improvement that now you know what exactly each hiring manager expects from you, and this list is not hard to fulfill. There are thousands of people who get the job they want simply by providing the perfect resume that catches employers’ attention. One of the things that make your resume look professional and accomplished is a cover letter. There are different requirements on how to write this document that many people find quite difficult. However, professional resume writers insist on the importance of a killer cover letter to accompany your resume. Here are several advantages of having a cover letter on your resume:

1) It tells about your professionalism and results-driven approach to work

Many candidates still choose not to include cover letters in their job application package. Thus, your decision to include it will already make you stand out from the crowd. Recruiters will see your efforts and serious intentions about getting this job. If you dig deeper and write it addressing a particular person, it will only add value to your job application. Moreover, this is the first thing recruiters see when they get your application. You can use your cover letter to highlight your strengths and hide weaknesses.

2) It tells a lot about your personality

Your professional resume provides only factual information. Thus, a cover letter can be used to make your application more personal. A cover letter provides you with an opportunity to convey your professional story in a more personal and engaging way. Also, it may help in covering career gaps you may have. You can add new colors to your resume through a stunning cover letter.

3) It proves your interest

It is much easier to send a resume and simply wait until someone calls. However, a good cover letter submitted together with the resume tells recruiters a lot about you. First of all, you paid additional attention to the job description and sacrificed your time and efforts to do more than required. A cover letter is a perfect opportunity to address the company you want to work for directly and express how and why you want to work for them.

4) It shows you have done your research

You can tailor your cover letter specifically to the job posting you have found. Moreover, it is recommended to use company-specific examples and describe how your accomplishments during previous employment can positively affect the achievement of this company’s goals. You may add how the organizational values coincide with your own and what you would do to positively contribute to the company’s success. All this would enhance your job application among many other competitors who simply clicked the button “Submit.” Employers value loyalty, and a direct approach will help you obtain a job interview, to say the least.

5) It shows your career goals

You can get really creative about the things you intend to cover in your cover letter. It is a wonderful opportunity to tailor your skills and experiences to the position's goals. However, remember that your cover letter just as your professional resume should be concise and impactful. The voice of the cover letter should be your own. Try to give recruiters a taste of who you are through a professional cover letter. These 5 advantages should already persuade you that cover letters are important. They need to be written and tailored to each position specifically to show what kind of person and professional you are. Tell your professional story in a personal way, make your cover letter answer the key aspects of the job posting, and you will surely obtain an invitation to a job interview.


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