Resume Example for Federal Professional

A federal resume example, as it comes out from the title, is a resume type that an applicant will submit on a federal level in the USA. If you apply for a federal government position, you should create a separate federal resume. Information submitted in a federal resume is more concrete compared to a civilian resume. The process of applying for a federal position is formal. It is recommended to fill in a federal job resume example and submit the required information.

Features of federal resume examples

There are some points to be included in the federal resumes. These are:

  • 1. Contact details
  • 2. Education
  • 3. Qualification
  • 4. Work records

However, a federal resume requires more additional information about the applicant, including:

  • 1. level of federal salary;
  • 2. security clearance;
  • 3. citizenship status.

These data help HR staff assess you as an applicant for definite positions corresponding to your experience.

The most important thing in writing a federal resume is to follow the job description placed by federal agencies in magazines or newspapers. Strictly follow the requirements for the job and input personal data. In describing your qualifications, skills, and authority, you can use the language style used in the job description.

What should be put first in the federal resume example: education or experience? Decide for yourself what your best selling point is: education or experience. Sometimes, people with long years of experience are in great demand, and education is not a priority.

One of the most important points in the USA jobs federal resume examples is the description of your experience and skills. Note two types of experience to be mentioned.

General experience Specialized experience
Background, years of working experience, acquired professions, and specializations. Records of previous work experience corresponding to the job position you are applying for.

Your federal resume will be studied by federal HR managers. Don’t forget to fill in the application with your skills, experience, and features. The list of skills and knowledge will help the employer to make the right decision whether you match his requirements. The skills needed for federal job resume examples fall into three categories.

Types of skills

Self-management skills Functional skills Technical skills
goal setting, organization, self-motivation, stress management planning, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, delegation computer programming, photocopying

Nowadays, the list of computer skills will add some value to your resume. These skills are always considered by the employer. Assess, please, which of the below-mentioned skills you have, and mention them in your resume.

Computer skills:

  • 1. Microsoft Office Suite
  • 2. Adobe Illustrator
  • 3. Photoshop
  • 4. Outlook Express
  • 5. scanning
  • 6. website development
  • 7. advanced Internet search

Federal resume writing tips can help you get an idea and write an appropriate resume. Federal resumes are longer than civilian ones, mostly 4-6 pages. In addition, it must be kept in mind that federal vacancies are often searched by veterans.

Here are some steps to be followed by writing a federal resume:

  • 1. Go through a job description and find keywords.
  • 2. Keywords mentioned in the job description can be converted into adjectives or verbs.
  • 3. Avoid military jargon, and use common words.
  • 4. Submit a list of your achievements. Be honest.
  • 5. Consider the main activity of the agency.
  • 6. Show you are positive and enthusiastic.

Federal resumes require additional information, namely:

Why contacting

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Resume Example for Federal Professional

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