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In contrast to the concept of «assistant lawyer» defined in the legislation, the status of the legal assistant is not enshrined in legal acts, which is why you can see specific legal assistant cover letter examples. As a result, the responsibilities of the legal assistant, the requirements for his candidacy, and the conditions of his employment depend solely on the employer. What is the role of a paralegal in the chain of legal services? If you want to get a job in this sphere, we recommend you view cover letter examples for legal assistants, which will help you to write the best summary.

The structure legal assistant cover letter

Your cover letter must be formal and should not use shortening. Let`s view some rules for suitable cover letter structure for legal assistants:

  • Data
  • Employer`s full name
  • Address of a company
  • Contacts
  • Greeting
  • The main body of your letter
  • Gratitude
  • Your full name

Nowadays, small cover letters are appreciated; they describing your best professional skills. You should not use a lot of information; write more about your achievements, which are important in a cover letter for a legal assistant example.

The types of legal assistants

Temporary job Transitional position Permanent staff unit
For some, it is a temporary job with the possibility of taking the position of a lawyer in the future.

A legal assistant is a transitional position that employs all novice lawyers. Even if the firm does not have such a position, the newly hired lawyer must adapt to the corporate style of the firm and work for some time under the guidance of more experienced lawyers.

The lawyer may work as a qualified assistant throughout his professional activity. And his work is quite serious and responsible. Legal assistant, who will be qualified to perform his functions, in its own way irreplaceable.

Best skills for legal assistant cover letter

Why the legal assistant cover letter example is so important? To be a master in this business requires a suitable education, considerable training, various skills and experience. In our cover letter examples for legal assistant, we have highlighted the best skills for this occupation:

  • Education
  • Professional output
  • Key contributions
  • Organization and writing competencies


Of course, without a law degree, you will not be accepted for this position. Moreover, a huge advantage for you will be various scientific papers or articles that will emphasize your interest in the field of law.

Professional output

This profession is not as simple as it seems because you must have the ability to find a way out of various controversial situations, and this requires a high level of knowledge and the ability to understand the laws.

Key contributions

In this paragraph, you should write your key skills and highlight why they are important for this occupation and future company.

Organization and writing competencies

Tell your future employer that you are an excellent candidate, as one of the key duties of a legal assistant is to organize the prioritization and, of course, the ability to write documents.

Legal assistant`s key skills

Soft skills Technical skills
1. Critical thinking 
2. Ability to set up an organizational process
3. Attention to detail
4. Erudition
5. Honesty and justice 

1. Search for legal information. 
2. Analysis of the found information and preparation of a list of the most relevant normative acts.
3. Daily acquaints with the list of normative legal acts adopted and in force. 
4. Develops draft legal documents (contracts, requests, claims, complaints) of small volume and complexity and submits them to the lawyer for adjustment and approval.
5. Visit to state and judicial bodies, local self-government bodies, to external organizations for the solution of simple legal issues. 
6. Report to the lawyer for the results of your work.

Legal assistant cover letter writing tips

Show in your letter that you are interested in your work and that, in addition to the work process, you are fond of external factors and learning new approaches in legal terms.

Be convincing, showing that you are not afraid of any complications and that you are ready to deal with any problem, as you have the baggage of knowledge.

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Legal Assistant Cover Letter Example

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