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How to Write Legal Assistant Resume

Let's take a look at the recruitment process of the legal assistant from the perspective of a layer you are going to work for. Industry details apart, it goes without saying that no one is looking for an assistant who needs to be babysitted. Also, your value on the market will be less if you are not confident about legislation and law theory. You have to keep your knowledge updated since information is getting old and irrelevant extremely fast nowadays, in 2021. Hence, you need to be self-motivated, responsible and have advanced knowledge of legislation. Seems like you need to be a wholesome lawyer, isn't it? Why can't you apply for an attorney or a lawyer, then? Well, you need to get experience with solving practical tasks. Of course, this goes along with completing some executive routine tasks related to documents and agenda-making. Nevertheless, everything has its price. Learn more about a job and apply to start your shiny career today!

Job description

As a legal assistant, you will have the freedom to pitch some ideas and strategies for defending clients' legal interests. Legal assistants are engaged in brainstorming and have to use their professional skills daily. Certainly, they are not decision-makers, but they are involved in creative processes, not execution, and administrative affairs.

  • Using legal databases, archives, and other sources, it searches for legal information on topics specified by a lawyer.
  • Analyzes the information and prepares a list of the most relevant regulatory documents
  • Every day he gets acquainted with the list of the most suitable and regulatory legal acts that have entered into force, using databases and specialized legal publications, and prepares an overview of the most important regulatory legal documents.
  • Develops draft legal documents (contracts, requests, claims, lawsuits, complaints) of small volume and complexity and presents them for adjustment and approval
  • On instructions, he travels to state and judicial bodies, local governments, and outside organizations to resolve simple legal issues (delivery and receipt of documents, obtaining clarifications, and performing other legal actions)
  • Records legal documentation
  • Responsible for mailing and documents delivery


A legal assistant is such a multifaceted profession that it is quite difficult to single out any one quality he needs for successful work. If we talk about the documentary part of the legal profession, then thoroughness and perseverance are of crucial importance. Legal assistants have to work a lot with documents, study and apply legal acts. Sometimes each comma in the document plays a decisive role; the whole meaning of the text sometimes depends on where it stands. Notaries recheck documents several times. Important, of course, and analytical mind. Without this, it is impossible to draw the right conclusions to compare the legal norms. Other than that legal assistant should obtain the following skills and characteristics:

  • A keen sense of justice
  • Humanism
  • High level of professional knowledge
  • General culture and broad outlook
  • Pursuit of self-improvement
  • Social activity
  • Perseverance in achieving goals
  • Punctuality, binding
  • Communicability
  • Tolerance towards the different opinions

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Resume Example for Legal Assistant

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