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How to Write Attorney Resume

An attorney is a professional who possesses fundamental and special legal knowledge and is deeply convinced of the exclusive purpose of law for society. An attorney should also be qualified to use legal instruments for solving legal problems in the name of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens. In 2024 thousands of authorized officials (prosecutors, lawyers, judges, investigators ...) carry out legal work, which carries out a significant number of legally significant actions, and solve tens and hundreds of thousands of legal cases on a daily basis. This is not just a huge army of specialists; it is a separate sphere of social activity in which vital interests are solved, and needs are met. The comprehensive character and significance of this sphere for society presuppose the presence of a significant number of specialties within the legal profession. This accordingly creates opportunities for the realization of the abilities and creative potential of many subjects.

From another point of view, legal work is not done by everyone who wants it but only by authorized persons with the relevant knowledge and skills. Given the insufficient number of qualified lawyers in our country and the ever-increasing role of law and legal procedures, taking into account the prestige of legal work and legal training, one can argue about the elite nature of the legal profession. Anyways, it is an incredible journey that you are about to start!

Job description

The decision of an attorney depends largely on the fate of man, the welfare of the family, its property status, and the economic development of society. Thus, mistakes in the work of a lawyer are a direct threat to public interests protected by law. For their mistakes, every attorney bears personal responsibility. However, one should emphasize the responsibility of the positive, which is a responsible, conscious attitude to their work, which ensures its high quality. Since an attorney is mainly dealing

  • Build defense tactics, taking into account the circumstances of the case, current legislation, and existing judicial practice
  • Advise the client in the process of doing business on various issues
  • Reclaim various documents confirming the defendant's innocence and submits them to the court
  • To make multiple lawyer inquiries
  • Call witnesses in court
  • Making legal studying of documents submitted by the client
  • Development of the correct position during the trial, which will be beneficial for the client.
  • Negotiations, which are part of out-of-court or pre-trial settlement of disputes.
  • Competent drafting of a claim
  • Study of court records and making comments on them
  • Receiving judicial acts and notifying the client of the decisions taken

Hence, one really needs to be well equipped in terms of skills and knowledge to be able to cope with all of the tasks you might get from your clients.


Here are skills that you are demanded to obtain in order to succeed as an attorney. Make sure to mention them in the resume to present yourself as the most suitable candidate for a position.

  • proficiency in theoretical legal ground
  • proficiency in legislation
  • basic knowledge of cognitive psychology
  • strong communicative skills
  • analytical skills

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Resume Example for Attorney

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