Six Steps to Increase Communication
Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer
July 25, 2022, 11:54 am

Six Steps to Increase Communication

Communication is one of the skills that are important not only in every job but in life in general. Thanks to it we manage to find a common language with other people, resolve conflicts peacefully, agree on solutions that are beneficial for us, and so on.

No matter how professional you are, you will often not be able to get the desired promotion or job at all if your communication skills are poorly developed. So, we have gathered the best tips to increase its level and suggest not to procrastinate with its application.

Listen to the others

People often focus on what they need to say and completely forget about such an important component of communication as listening. By listening carefully to the interlocutor you can find the key messages that will help you build a profitable conversation. You can also capture emotions and read what has been said between the lines. In addition, when you hear the interlocutor, you reduce your stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and tune in to a productive conversation.

For effective listening, it is better to ask the interlocutor clarifying questions and support the companion`s thoughts by the methods of "echo" or "paraphrase". That is, repeat the phrases or their key ideas to show that you understand and support what is being said.

Start the conversation first

When you see an acquaintance on the street or accidentally meet a colleague, you should start a conversation. A few minutes of dialogue will show you the best side and help improve your communication skills. Even if you have no desire to talk at all, step over yourself, and start a conversation. Later, it will come in handy when resolving various problems, or you will soon try to ask for a salary increase.

Interest the interlocutor

It is better to talk to people about topics that interest them. According to American educator, writer, and orator Dale Carnegie, there is only one way to influence a person to talk to him about what he wants or expects and try to find a way to get what he wants.

So, in order for the result of the conversation to be beneficial for you, you need to interest the interlocutor and let him know that with your help he will get what he wants. For example, during employment, you need to convince the employer that by hiring you, the company will meet their needs.

Become an optimist

If you want to be sociable, you first need to become an optimist. They want to communicate with open, smiling people who do not burden other problems. Sad eyes and lower corners of the lips do not cause sympathy, and increase the level of sociability when no one wants to communicate with you is very difficult.

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