Importance of an Impressive Thank You Letter
Luci Peters
Certified Professional Resume Writer
March 3, 2022, 7:22 am

Importance of an Impressive Thank You Letter

Many people falsely ignore the importance of a good thank you letter while it is a valuable part of follow-up communication with hiring managers. With the availability of the Internet, it has become even easier to thank your recruiter or HR for taking the time to arrange and hold a job interview with you. Such a simple gesture may indeed land you a good job since the overwhelming majority of applicants decide not to send a thank-you note. It seems funny, but recruiters and hiring managers do pay attention to follow-up communication so much. They see it more than just a polite way to keep in touch and remind about yourself. It is also a good opportunity to show your interest in the position since many believe that the job interview ends the entire job application process. For you, an impressive thank you letter is a chance to amend some mistakes made during the interview as well as to add something that was not mentioned before. Hence, here are several ideas aimed to show the importance of a thank you letter to you:

1) A good thank you letter shows respect

This simple gesture delivers a powerful message of courtesy and respect to the interviewer. It shows that you do not take this interview as granted. Even more, it shows that you have prepared for the interview, gained some valuable experience from it and now want to thank people who made it possible and selected your candidature.

2) A thank you letter makes you a standout candidate

You automatically stand out from the crowd that chose not to continue follow-up communication. It is worth simply putting an effort and write a few lines that show your interest in the position and respect to the responsible people.

3) A killer thank you letter makes up for the gaps you may have left after the interview

If you are left with a feeling that you have missed something important during the interview, your thank you letter is a perfect opportunity to mention it in a friendly manner. Stress and nervousness of the interview are familiar to anyone so that a thank you letter is a logical and effective tool to make amends. Of course, it does not mean that you can tell a completely new story about yourself. Your thank you letter allows mentioning only a few things you find critically important.

4) Your thank you letter can help in fixing your mistakes

It would be wrong for professional resume writers to claim that thank you letters can change the outcome of the job interview. However, if it went well but you feel that you know how to fix some small things, you can use this means of communication to help yourself get out of a difficult situation.

5) An impressive thank you letter shows your excellent writing skills

First of all, a thank you letter is a type of business communication. If you know its importance, you already rank higher than those who neglect to send it. However, it helps you show your written communication skills in the best way. You have already submitted your cover letter and resume but a thank you letter will only strengthen your favorable position in the eyes of hiring managers. Writing an impressive thank you letter is not difficult or time-consuming. You should simply restate the key parts of your interview and thank your hiring manager for this wonderful opportunity. However, it does make a big difference. Thus, you should definitely consider writing and sending it or be ready to lose your dream job to someone else.


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