How to Protect your Career from Mobbing?
Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer
July 25, 2022, 2:02 pm

How to Protect your Career from Mobbing?

In recent times new discrimination against human rights in labor relations appears. It calls mobbing. This is how the general term describes several types of psychological pressure on an employee in a team. Let us tell you how to protect yourself from this dangerous phenomenon.

Types of mobbing

If the manager ignores the results of your work, holds important meetings without your participation, blocks you from accessing important information, and gives you the most routine work. You have fallen victim to vertical latent mobbing or bossing.

Feelings of isolation and discomfort in the workplace, moral oppression, criticism from colleagues, and hiding important information are manifestations of horizontal mobbing. It is most often the victims of newcomers and employees who are different from others. Envy, boredom, and the desire for thrills motivate colleagues to become "mobs". It should be clearly understood that mobbing is long-term harassment, and not to be confused with the usual conflicts in the team, which sometimes take place.

What should you do?

If such attacks occur regularly and offenders, victims, and observers have already been identified, the situation needs to be figured out.

  • Analyze the conflict to find out the reasons. Without doing this, you can face the same phenomenon again at another place of work.
  • Demonstrate your competence in the work process. Be a polite, experienced employee who ignores gossip. Prove your professionalism to the head and to people who hold important positions in the company.
  • Invite colleagues to an open conversation to clarify the situation.

How to Resist?

If the purpose of the mob is to shift you from the workplace, you will have to apply a different strategy. If you do not plan to leave a hostile organization and it is worth it, you will have to resist:

  • always be alert and, in any case, do not make professional mistakes: you are being watched! It is not necessary to show weakness; it will encourage mobsters to even greater aggression.
  • Use gadgets: recordings of illegal actions from a video camera and a dictaphone always deter the aggressors from the threat of disclosure. Having received a decent rebuff, the mobster will most likely not want to continue and may choose a different strategy.
  • Identify the leader of the mobbing and discredit him. Your very attempt to discredit will stop harassment through social self-preservation.
  • Build the illusion of ignoring intimidation and pressure. Without a psychological effect, the mobsters' initiative fades.

Remember that you are a highly qualified professional, so you will not be left without a job. But it is definitely not worth holding on to an opposing team: anxious anticipation of the next attack does not contribute to productivity and career development. Psychologists share this view because no job is more expensive than mental balance and physical health.

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