How to do More During Working Day?
Adam Smith
Certified Professional Career Coach
March 22, 2022, 8:22 am

How to do More During Working Day?

In the current work rhythm, we often have no time enough: you sleep less, skip meals, do not rest on the weekend, and still cannot have time to do everything necessary. But maybe you're just misallocating your workload?

Here are the best life hacks of time management to help you keep up with more and more and at the same time not feel tired. We promise that you will definitely find something that will help you.


Wake up Earlier

Morning rituals will help you start and spend the day correctly. Wake up an hour earlier, now, drink a cup of coffee, check your charge, or read a few pages of a book and plan for the next day. First, test once or twice a week the early rituals you like and make it a habit. After all, a pleasant start gives enthusiasm for the whole day.


Pomodoro technique

Time management tips cannot do without the famous Pomodoro technique. This crushed stone technology of the 80s was proposed by Francesco Cirilo and since then it has not lost its popularity. The essence of the method is that you set the timer for a certain hour (in the classic version on 25 minutes) and during this period do not distract from other tasks. For a calming method, you need to plan your goals and the time you will spend on them.

Every 25 minutes of productive work should be replaced by 5 minutes of rest. This will allow your brain to breathe, so you will not feel tired during the working day and will be surprised by the number of processed cases.


Don't procrastinate

It seems to you to get all your domesticity or to call all clients at once when it is not so. Such accumulated cases will only tire you more and you will have to spend more time on them. So, try not to put off small things to take 2-5 hours and do them as soon as mentioned. Thus, succeeding in thinking about unfinished business can focus on more important and larger matters.

Of course, if you mentioned at an important meeting that you did not congratulate your friend on his birthday, it is better not to interrupt the meeting, but to add this to your daily plan and do it in the first free minutes.


Concentrate on the main thing

Every day, identify the main task to which you will have to devote maximum time and energy and concentrate on it. This does not mean that you should ignore the rest of the tasks, but first and foremost you should focus on achieving today's key goal. It is important to identify only one such case per day, so that the attention is not distracted, but was aimed at achieving the desired result.


A full break after a working week

It is important to have a rest on the weekend. However, if you are so anxious to afford two days of rest, then carve out at least 24 hours to catch your breath. Psychologists are convinced that one day of rest is very important for productivity. You will increase the efficiency of your work, you will procrastinate less and, not surprisingly, you will have more time. Ideally, if on your weekend you can relax from gadgets. You have no idea how much free time you will have if you just turn off the internet on your smartphone and don't use other gadgets.


Control the load

Do not try to jump above your head and have time for more than you can. Even if you receive praise from management or a reward for overtime work, over time it will become a bad habit. You will not be able to refuse, you will feel constant fatigue and risk earning burnout. So before the next additional task, think about whether it is worth it and whether you can really do it. And only after understanding your workload, start trying life management life hacks.


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