What Specialists will be Needed in a Crisis?
Luci Peters
Certified Professional Resume Writer
July 25, 2022, 1:54 pm

What Specialists will be Needed in a Crisis?

After the pandemic, the experts envisage even greater automation of processes so that production does not have to stop when everyone is quarantined again. Who will be able to keep their job? But what skills do you need to have in order for employers to want to hire you? How to write a resume when changing careers? Let’s figure it out.


Education, in general, will be more mobile and involve the latest technologies in the learning process. It is not only about the development of distance education but also about testing new knowledge. Thus, knowledge can be mastered in a more convenient way, and be more efficient. You may also look at how to write an internship resume.

Also, lifelong learning will become a trend for the employed population. There will be a need to improve your knowledge or skills in related fields. Equally valuable will be the employee's ability to quickly learn and move from one specialty to another. Thus, the development of education will be a positive change that provoked quarantine.

The importance of technology

Quarantine showed how important it is to have a quality connection and to be able to communicate online. Therefore, technology skills will become one of the key requirements of the near future. A teacher who does not know how to teach a lesson in Zoom loses to a more technologically advanced colleague. Computer skills for resumes now are crucial, so pay attention when preparing this info.

Remote work

Many well-known global companies already allow their employees to work from home. Over time, this trend will only consolidate. Thanks to quarantine, employers have realized that for effective work, their employees do not need comfortable offices in the city center with play areas and a coffee maker, they fully cope with the tasks from their own homes. Therefore, companies will now begin to reconsider the need to rent expensive office space.

According to the forecasts, everyone will soon forget about the usual offices: only the best employees will work there, as well as important meetings and conferences. The majority of employees will switch to telecommuting. Freelancers predict an era of prosperity. After all, many companies in times of crisis will prefer short-term cooperation with a freelancer, rather than hiring a full-time employee.

Demand for unpopular professions

Remote work and frequent network failures can create demand for engineers and system administrators. Also, with the growth of online sales, entrepreneurs may need more professionals to process these orders.

Agricultural or construction workers, cashiers, machinists, road workers, and other production professionals are those who will be able to find work in the near future without undue effort. You may order cheap professional resume writing services to get the best engineering resume.


However, the coronary crisis has identified three main skills that will help employees stay afloat.

Flexible thinking. The ability to adapt to new realities and learn to generate ingenious ideas is almost the most important thing that candidates need today. Businesses with framed thinking hung signs "Closed" in a pandemic, flexible minds are looking for ways to adapt to quarantine and be able to earn at least part of the money.

Self-control. Work that will switch to remote mode will not involve constant monitoring by the manager. Therefore, only those employees who know how to organize their work process and control it will remain effective, and therefore necessary.

Speed ​​to learning. Those who will be able to quickly master the knowledge of an unknown specialization or master a new application for video conferencing will become indispensable.

Today experts predict a significant recovery of the labor market in the fall. But now employers will set new requirements and we need to learn to meet them.

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