Engineering Technician Resume Examples

CV generally has to contain information about your education, skills, languages, photograph, work experience, and many other things. Writing your resume determines whether you will be accepted into the work. Many professionals are rejected due to some mistakes in their resumes. However, there are many examples of resumes for mechanical, civil, or communication engineers, etc. In this article, I am going to give you a resume example for an engineering technician.

At the top of your page, you should put your name, address in detail, number, phone, and email

For example:

Paul Ka Man

Flat 6 Block 11

Al-Kawal YO (the name of the street)

Shatin ( your area)

Hong Kong ( your country)

Tel: +963958753599 (pay attention to putting your country code if you want to apply for any foreign company)

So as we explained above, you can elaborate on your own detail this way.

In this part, you should briefly introduce yourself. Write about your strengths or qualities. However, make sure you do not oversell yourself. In other words, be honest, serious, brief, and to the point. You can also mention your job goals and aspirations.

For example:

An engineering technician who is interested in applying for this position as a full-time/part-time engineer. Active, creative, reliable, and loves repairing equipment. Worked at a company last year as a volunteer. Moreover, it was a fruitful experience and gained a great understanding of what is required of an engineering technician. Able to work on my own or as a part of a team.


Write the places of your education where you have studied. If you have any other degrees, such as a Master's or Ph.D., you have to put them. In addition, if you have any certificates from institutes or reliable and global platforms such as Coursera, it is very good to add them. Include your most recent education first (do not mention your primary and secondary years). Put your subject options in each year or the email of your place of study (university or institute) because it contains your curricula in detail. However, it is better to write them in your resume. Finally, add any special projects and extracurricular activities in which you had a central and great role.


A graduate of Damascus University with a degree in engineering technology.


2011-2015 Damascus University, Department of Engineering.

Subjects: Math, Programming, English, Database, etc.

Mention the number of years of experience in reverse chronological order and in which company you worked. Make sure to add the year you started, and the year you finished that job.


2015-2020 worked as an Engineering Technician at Legend Company.

2017-2018 a part-time Trainer at Codeforces website, ran classes with an English Teacher about how to solve programming issues.

Ability in other languages, possession of a driving license, or speech skills.

Here are some skill examples:

  • working under pressure
  • life-long learner
  • have the ability to solve problems
  • have the spirit of teamwork
  • to have connections with others
  • specialized and high-qualified
  • thinking logically
  • practicing and training
  • Computer: have the ability to solve any programming issue; a great participant in ACPC can install software to use any technical equipment or can deal with any kind of operating system or data analysis.

This is a quick way how to write a CV for a technician engineer. However, your resume should not take more than two minutes to be read.

After writing your CV

Check it carefully for errors. Consider your CV as a test and ask someone else to check it for you in order to have new suggestions.

Some notes 

  • Keep in mind that there is no one way to write a resume; this article is given only as a suggestion.
  • Your CV must be written in an easy format in order to be readable.
  • You should not put your age, gender, or nationality on your CV in order not to be discriminated against.
  • Finally, international governments guarantee high-paying jobs for engineers, especially engineering technicians. Most companies are testing your skills in order to help build confidence with you. So if you are an engineering technician and want to apply for a new career, feel free to have a look at this article.

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    Engineering Technician Resume Examples

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