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The role of construction in the history of humankind is challenging to overestimate. All large-scale, grandiose constructions once erected by our ancestors become real architectural monuments. Many people took part in their construction, among them were representatives of the profession, which we now call the "civil engineer".

The first known civil engineer was Egyptian Imhotep, who lived about 2700 BC. He built a pyramid on his own project, deciding for the first time to use more durable limestone instead of raw brick. And until now, the choice of material for construction remains one of the main tasks in the activity of civil engineers. In 2024 there are thousands of civil engineer making an input to urbanization and enhancing infrastructure.

Job description

There are executive and managing responsibilities that this job consists of. Check out particular obligations in each of the occupational spheres and get to know the profession better.

Managing part:

  • Search for customers. Usually, engineers are in a constant process of selecting large developers for long-term work. Design of buildings and structures with the development of presentations for the client. At this stage, the engineer must show all his abilities to get the project.
  • Budgeting and selection of building materials. These functions are best performed independently.
  • Search builders-performers. This is one of the most important aspects because the team is the key to success. Control of all processes in order to prevent negligence and errors. Financial component. Checking the object for compliance with the stated requirements. For this purpose, all data and reports of subordinates are collected and analyzed. Commissioning facilities.

Executive part:

  • Physical labor. All construction processes, depending on the specialization, are performed by workers. They are usually associated with lifting and moving weights and the spectrum of hard work.
  • Brainwork. When mixing ingredients builder calculates the proportions. The slightest inaccuracy and the material will not meet the stated standards, which can lead to insufficient structural strength. Selection of building materials.


This profession is most often chosen by men. This is due to fairly large physical exertion. But women often choose related professions. In particular, they work in such specialties as a painter or a designer. Every civil engineer should have a logical mindset and a mathematical mindset. This will help to carry out calculations and draw up projects taking into account all the nuances. Important for the builder and a good memory. Mindfulness is an indispensable quality. It helps to perform complex and dangerous processes in very extreme conditions. An important addition is a good eye, allowing you not to spend too much time on the measurements.

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Resume Example for Civil Engineer

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