Resume Example for Restaurant Manager

How to make a resume for a restaurant manager

When writing a resume for the restaurant manager, it is important to write about the available education, work experience in a similar position, and your key knowledge (overseeing the functioning of the restaurant, planning all the work, managing the staff of the restaurant, collaborating and controlling suppliers) in order to positively stand out against the background other contenders for the position of a restaurant manager. You can add a description of specialized technical skills. Other important skills include the following points:

  • Organization and planning of the restaurant;
  • The effective functioning of production equipment
  • Knowledge of the nuances of the restaurant;
  • Management of productive resources;
  • Knowledge and control of supply;
  • Knowledge of health and safety rules;
  • Knowledge of production monitoring systems;

In the resume, you can add non-important skills not related to the specialty but quite important in the professional plan. Such skills include accuracy, the ability to take control of various stressful situations, and quality organization of the restaurant.

Job description

A person in this position is responsible for managing the restaurant - he controls the costs of operating the restaurant, controls the quality of customer service, supervises the work of the staff, and develops directions for development based on the needs of the restaurant's customers. It is independent work with a high intensity of contact with people (a person in this position should be as communicative as possible with the clients, suppliers, and other people). The restaurant manager should be prepared for many stressful situations (must resist stress).

What does a person in charge of a restaurant manager do? (key responsibilities)

  • Monitoring of the state of the modern market and competitive activity;
  • Customer needs analysis of the restaurant;
  • Support for contacts with suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Managing restaurant staff and customer service quality care;
  • Definition of the schedule of team chefs;
  • Control the level of stocks and purchases of products;
  • Compliance with external and internal standards;
  • Attention to the atmosphere and maintaining an appropriate level of cleanliness in the restaurant;
  • Carrying out formalities related to the operation of the premises;
  • Execution of budget rules established by the restaurant administration;
  • Conducting training for employees;
  • Recruitment of new employees;
  • Creation of promotions;
  • Responsibility for compliance with the rules of fire safety;
  • Implementation of control over observance of personnel policy of labor legislation.

The restaurant manager must have a gastronomic education and must have experience in this area, especially in managerial positions. Also, the necessary knowledge of English, computer skills, as well as a very good knowledge of various gastronomic issues. The person who holds such a position should have the personality of a leader - an important ability to motivate the staff and build a positive relationship with them. The restaurant manager should be operational, well-organized, analytical, and stress resistant.

Openness and communication are also useful properties that will provide the manager with a great opportunity to build a happy relationship with restaurant customers. Have you ever wondered who is busy and solves all aspects of the restaurant for it to function properly? How can this person at the same time organize the work of the whole team, take care of supplying the necessary products and prepare the concept of a cultural event? Meet the restaurant manager whose hard work makes visiting your favorite restaurant not a nightmare but a pleasant time. The restaurant manager is the person who manages the restaurant's activities and the work of the staff. Also, his main duties include: caring for a pleasant atmosphere, decor, climate, and aesthetics of the restaurant, organizing various parties: banquets, concerts, artistic programs, cultural meetings and special events, and financial matters.

If your place (restaurant) is tastefully decorated, the design is designed, and all formal and paper issues are successfully closed, you managed to hire a brilliant chef, several chefs, and other additional staff (waiters), you have organized a variety of menus and are waiting for the official opening of your restaurant rooms. At this stage, you begin to ask several questions: Are your premises adapted to customer requirements? Is there enough room for them? Will the staff solve the crisis? Are there delicious dishes for customers? Is there enough inventory of products? What to do if the supplier does not deliver the ordered products? The task of the real restaurant manager is to find answers to these and many other important issues; without an immediate solution, the restaurant ceases to function properly.


How to become a restaurant manager, and what professional skills do you need?

Initially, you will need a first-level or second-level degree or a faculty course closely linked to studying hotel business and gastronomy. The knowledge gained during the training can be supplemented by postgraduate education in management or marketing. Remember that academic knowledge is the first step toward becoming an effective restaurant manager. Knowledge of foreign languages, the ability to manage human resources, and long-term planning activities are the absolute basis for this post! Professional knowledge of computer office programs will not be detrimental either - they will be especially desirable and often used in the workplace; they will simplify and automate your work. What does a restaurant manager look like? It isn't easy to clearly describe the standard day of a restaurant manager. Why? During the working day, you have to solve many issues related to the proper functioning of the restaurant, which is why you must be mentally and physically prepared for long and hard work in this position.

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Resume Example for Restaurant Manager

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