Resume Example for Receptionist

How to make a resume for a receptionist

When writing a resume for a receptionist, you are required to describe only your professional knowledge and description of your specialized technical skills. In the resume, you can add non-important skills that are not related to the specialty but are quite important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume because in this profession it is necessary to constantly communicate actively with a large number of people. These skills include the following: accuracy, ability to take control of various stressful situations, qualitative organization of work.

Job description

This post is an employee of office administrative support. His work is usually carried out in the waiting area, for example, in the lobby or reception, at the hotel or in the business hall. This is a person who works in the organization to receive guests, patients, clients and receive phone calls. The term receptionist is used in many hotels, where responsibilities can also include booking rooms, check-in, cashier, message and call reception. The job of the receptionist is to provide and sell hotel services at the hotel, boarding house, and dormitory. Responsibilities include taking care of guests upon arrival, during their stay and away from the hotel. The work involves a huge number of work areas to support the business for which it works, including meetings, filing, keeping records and many other business tasks. Duties. The responsibilities of the administrator include:

  • Answer visitors' questions about the company, its products or services;
  • Target visitors to their destination;
  • Sorting and distributing mail;
  • Analysis of telephone calls,
  • Appointment of business meetings;
  • Filing and keeping records.

Some people who handle the receptionist's office can also carry out accounting tasks. Some, but not all, can bring guests coffee or tea, as well as bring order and cleanliness to the workplace. The Receptionist can also perform some management functions such as:

  • Identification of employees;
  • Issuance of passes;
  • Observation and reporting of any unusual or suspicious persons and their behavior.

For hotels receptionist has a task:

  • Registration and accommodation of guests in rooms;
  • acceptance of reservation;
  • Receiving a complaint;
  • keeping accounts related to the stay of guests;
  • Work with a computer program to manage the status of free rooms.

It happens that the receptionist takes on the role of guest guardian in occasional situations, since he may be the first person to invite a guest. Also, the receptionist can accept the guests' wake up call and the need to call a barber or a masseuse.

Working conditions. Usually, a workplace for the receptionist is equipped with basic office equipment such as a computer, telephone, and fax. The receptionist's job is individual and can involve very intense contact with people. During all work in this position, a person constantly communicates with the guests of the hotel, contacts with the reception of all problems and complaints. Also, not all guests should be pleased, work can be connected with servicing the people of sorry, unpleasant, dissatisfied and wicked. Reception of guests at each hotel operates in the round-the-clock mode, which requires a full working change. Changes usually last 12 hours, and then, depending on whether it was a day or night shift, the worker is entitled to 24 or 48 hours of free time for rest.


This profession – receptionist is based on constant contact with people, therefore, such features as communicative skills, persuasiveness, emotional stability, and trusting appearance are extremely important. Accuracy and the ability to concentrate are also needed. It also happens that the receptionist must perform several activities at the same time, he must have the ability to work at a rapid pace. Also, important features such as kindness, prudence, honesty, and patience are important. It is very important to know at least one foreign language. The job of the receptionist is mostly done standing, so overall physical fitness is extremely important. The spine and legs should be healthy. It is important that a person who holds this post speaks clearly, and also heard well. Visible defects of posture and defects of vision, which can not be corrected, disqualify a candidate for the occupation of this position. People with disabilities are rarely involved with this work, but it does not mean that they can not be accepted for this post.

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Resume Example for Receptionist

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