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Everyone knows that a resume is already a necessary top attribute when looking for a job. And no matter what experience you have and what position you are applying for, any employer will definitely require it from you. Why is it needed at all and how can it help in this difficult task - job search?

The main purpose of the resume in 2021 is to distinguish you from other job seekers, attract the attention of the employer and, ultimately, invite you to an interview. And this is very difficult to do.

If you are looking for some resume inspiration? Welcome. You can use these resume samples to decide what experience and achievement to include and highlight in your own resume.


A career as an administrative assistant, although is not the most glamorous one, is still an option with sustainable growth and career opportunities. It is predicted that the growth of administrative employment rise up by more than 10% by 2021. The best way to start is by pointing out your many years of experience and the main responsibilities that you have performed during all this time. Remember that a large resume will be compiled in accordance with the work that you are applying for, therefore, listing these responsibilities, try to fulfill the required responsibilities of this work. Next, you can tell the hiring manager about your unique qualities that will help this company achieve unrivaled success. Emphasize that you are an adaptable personality - this is a good feature since you are the first impression for new visitors and clients in the office. Finally, finish your career with your degree, certificates and a list of foreign languages that you can speak. Although it is not required to speak many languages for administrative assistants. But this can be a good bonus for you, especially if the company works with international clients.

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