Resume Example for Customer Service Representative

After years of reports about outsourcing and automation, companies finally realize that a helpful human voice at the end of the line is one of the best ways to retain customers and build brand loyalty.

As a Customer Service Representative, your basic job is to be a friendly face and serve customer needs. But how can you show that on a piece of paper which is your resume?

We will go through each step to create the best resume that will leave you confident about your skills and competencies, along with illustrated examples.

1. Header

Underneath your name and surname, enter contact information starting with the physical address, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile. Don't underestimate the advantages of putting a link to a comprehensive LinkedIn profile. Research shows that it can increase your chances by 71% of landing an interview.

2. Career Summary

The next section is your Career summary. It's like a little story about who you are as a Customer Service Representative

3. Education

The sequence of sections highly depends on the position you are after and your professional experience background. If you have a lot of relevant working experience, we recommend starting with the experience section before the education; always put the best above.

Start by adding the educational background, like the university or school's name and the degree, and include the city, state, and time spent in college. Then add some subcategories and list information on GPA, extracurricular activities, dean's list, honors, and relevant coursework.

4. Skills

Add some soft and hard skills.

5. Experience

Arrange these sentences according to a method that stands for problem action and results. In that way, you bring impact and purpose to your experiences; the same goes for using action verbs at the beginning of each sentence, like assisted, handled, and increased. Furthermore, quantify your experiences because measurable metrics illustrate your value and improve your chances of getting an interview.

6. Interest

Now if you want to appear like someone that is adventurous, enter, for example traveling, or perhaps you do sports like yoga. Or, watching Netflix, you can include some of your favorite series or movies, and there's a big chance that the reader watched one of these as well, so you already have some mutual interests.

7. References

If you have some satisfied ex-employers, then consider adding a references section in your resume but keep in mind to keep your resume short, concise, and to the point.

                                     First Name Last Name
Los Angeles, CA | [email protected] | + [213]-564-6666 |                                                     


Detailed, oriented, and self-motivated professional, experienced in customer service and client relations management. Known for a reliable track record of superior service and success in attaining customer satisfaction and generating profits for the company.


University of Los Angeles                                          Los Angeles, CA | 01/2020-present

Associate Degree in Administrative Assistant

  • CGPA: 3.60/4.00
  • President of Student Board

San Diego High School                                              San Diego, CA | 02/2014 – 08/2019

  • CGPA: 3.66/4.00

Additional Courses and Training 

  • Closing the sale
  • Cross-selling strategies


Software programs:  Salesforce, Microsoft Office Suite, WordPerfect, Kayako  Competency Level
Customer Service Principles:  80WPM typist, analytical and problem-solving, attention to detail, leadership skills  Advanced
Communication: Negotiation skills, Written and verbal communication: 
English, German, Spanish


Beta Center | Customer Service Representative            Los Angeles CA | 9/2016-present

  • Dealt with up to 100 customers daily
  • Assisted customers in locating merchandise and making purchase decisions
  • Handled irate customers' claims and complaints in a friendly and patient manner
  • Increased monthly sales by approximately $1000 by utilizing an add-on technique.


Travel Sport Watching movies
Annual trips to countries abroad  Yoga and Badminton Watching comedy movies 


  • Referee name - from college

             [email protected]

Resume Example for Customer Service Representative

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