Resume Example for Customer Service Representative

How to make a resume for a customer service representative

When writing a resume for the position of customer service representative, it is necessary to describe not only key knowledge but also additional points to stand out positively in the background of others. You can add a description of specialized technical skills. In the resume, you can add non-important skills that are not related to the specialty but are quite important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume.

Job description

This profession in recent years in the modern labor market is quite popular and is considered a well-paid profession. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that this position is also extremely responsible and requires a lot of different abilities in the applicant for its acquisition. The success of an enterprise largely depends on the accuracy of the decision of each employee. What are the tasks and responsibilities of this post, what does a person working in this post do? His main tasks are the following things:

  • organization of work;
  • delegation of tasks;
  • implementation of employee assessment systems;
  • motivation and support of workers in development (remuneration system, training);
  • control over the progress of work;
  • representation of the company abroad;
  • working with a team of employees;
  • assistance in resolving conflicts between employees;
  • informing about the company's activities.

Every person in this position develops specific strategies, runs various projects in the company, monitors the course of work of employees, the very essence of the post is aimed at the continuous development of the company. As a person working with people, in this post you need to have sufficient knowledge about human resources management. A person should be able to manage the team properly so that the company's operations are profitable and function properly. Among the features of an ideal person in this position are mentioned such types of character as honesty and the ability to think perspective.

The man who manages the team must have the full range of necessary powers, be open to colleagues, be able to cope with the conflict situation and provide feedback to the staff. At the same time, he must evaluate success and properly reward the employee for a well-executed job. Depending on the industry in which they work, they are engaged in various tasks, manage the products and work with:

  • researching the needs and expectations of customers about company products;
  • creating new ideas for products, as well as choosing the best ideas from different sources, from customers, employees, etc .;
  • conduct all strategic activities such as report preparation, an analysis that will enable the development and implementation of a product strategy, as well as market trends or competitive practices.

This profession was originally associated with the advertising industry, in a relatively short time, it spread to other industries. Although the person holding such a post is an expert on customer understanding, that is, he cares about them. His major tasks include:

  • expansion of the client network;
  • counseling clients, negotiating, selling goods or services;
  • preparation of various types of documents: contracts for clients, as well as marketing and price reports;
  • research, analysis of market data, industry;
  • tracking competition and results of your product.

People who hold this post are usually young people with previous experience as a sales epresentative in various grocery companies. Sometimes this position is called the executive director of sales. This profession is, on the one hand, as a trader, since the specialists who work here sell certain services, and on the other hand, the employees who occupy this position focus on analyzing the needs of clients.


Work on this position - a customer service representative dealing with human resources management, this is where you need to constantly deal with a variety of administrative issues such as wages, contracts, holidays (rest days), etc., but not only that. Responsibilities in this post also include:

  • multistage operation and motivation of the team to create the best results for the company;
  • hiring an employee (from the selection of summaries and cover letters using various methods to test the inclinations of candidates for various positions in the company and conducting interviews to check how the candidate copes in different situations);

Negotiations with a new worker relate to communication on pay and working conditions; the person who holds this position is also involved in introducing a new person into a team and should take care of the balanced teamwork by motivating employees to work effectively, creating belief in them that they together create a company and are responsible for it, make work more enjoyable, and at the same time turn work into a pleasure, efficiency and, consequently, a significant increase in company profits. This position will undoubtedly develop and work in it will not be ashamed.

Luci Peters

Resume Example for Customer Service Representative

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