Resume Example for Art Director

How to Make a Resume for an Art Director

To submit a resume to the art director, you must work for at least two or three years in positions such as graphic designer, graphic designer, or multimedia specialist. The following stages are art director, art and repertoire director (artistic repertoire director), senior artistic director (more experienced director with several years of experience), and creative director, who manages all people who work on project creation. When writing a resume for an art director, you need to describe your key knowledge and experience in this area. You can add a description of specialized technical skills. In the resume, you can add non-important skills that are not related to the specialty but are pretty important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume because, in this profession, it is necessary to manage a large number of different specialists, who are working on the project. These skills, which our writers will help to compose, include the following:

  • the ability to perform many jobs;
  • the ability to take control of various stressful situations;
  • the qualitative organization of work.

Job Description

If you are interested in advertising and would like to take an active part in creating it in the future, then taking up this post is your dream. Make sure you master all the skills you need in this profession. The need for high-quality specialists in this area has been growing at a rapid pace over recent years, as more and more specialists in this field can be found not only in the art industry but also in advertising and interactive agencies or the marketing departments of large corporations. Every major event requiring the advancement of artistic design requires a specialist who can organize it properly. This can be done by the art director.

Art Director in the Artistic Industry

  • Care of the artistic design and program of this enterprise (musical concert, festival, television program, their qualitative conducting);
  • Scheduling of scenography;
  • Coordination of the fulfillment of obligations of all employees;
  • Selection of the repertoire of the cultural program

Key Responsibilities

  • Cooperation with copyrights;
  • Care of the creative team responsible for the concept of the advertising company;
  • Responsibility for the whole project;
  • Create thumbnails of previous projects, implement them on a computer, and then monitor them as they appear in a newspaper, TV, or other media;
  • Supervision of the work of charts, as well as people on the shooting or photo sessions;
  • Cooperation with stylists, photographers, models, illustrators, editors, and directors, depending on the nature of their work on this project.


For this purpose, it is necessary to have artistic education, for example, graduation from the high school of art or postgraduate study in the advertising industry. The most optimal solution will be university graduates.

The preference is given to candidates who have:

  • technical;
  • artistic;
  • economic education.

Emphasis on specializations preferred:

  • commercial graphics;
  • graphic design;
  • advertising art;
  • drawing;
  • architecture;
  • marketing of products and services.
Sometimes it is said that in this case, higher education is not the most important, and above all, talent and relevant experience, mainly 3-4 years in this field, are important.

In the advertising industry, of course, it will be helpful to have experience in preparing illustrations, packaging design, advertising in the press, posters, calendars, and postcards. It is also important to have the fluency of graphics editors and the ability to use peripherals (desktop devices, recorders, scanners, digital cameras).

Modern labor market

Apart from all the skills required for this position, the candidate for this post should preferably have work experience. He has to work in cultural institutions such as well-known theaters, radio, television, major art clubs, and large-scale festivals.


The art director's job allows you to get acquainted with people in different fields, communicate with them, and gain new experiences. A good candidate for this position should be characterized by

  • courage;
  • firmness;
  • self-confidence;
  • prudence;
  • ingenuity;
  • desire to create.

In addition to creativity and artistic talent, this profession also relies on the ability to work in a team and manage a group of colleagues; the candidate for this post must have very good organizational skills and should have the ability to adhere to terms and perseverance in achieving the goal, diligence, initiative, accessibility, the ability to work in full working change. A good level of spoken English is also very important.


Resume Example for Art Director

Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer

Resume Example for Art Director

Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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