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A hair stylist is a specialist, who makes hairstyles or haircuts, and also selects the style that best suits a particular client. A representative of the profession must know the basics of chemistry, as well as be able to work with equipment (hair dryers, curling irons, etc.) and cosmetics (paints, masks, etc.). This specialist should be well aware of not only their duties, but also understand psychology. A hair stylist should be able to find an approach to each of his customers, accurately determining his mood and desires and, what is most important, to create the most suitable hair style for him or her. Actually, the profession of hair stylist is located somewhere at the intersection of the beauty industry and fashion, which is really exciting and challenging. Hair stylists should always know beauty and fashion updates to be sort of a guide for their own clients.

Job description

A hair stylist must not only be able to cut or style his hair, no! He should know everything about fashion trends of a particular season because stylist's duties include:

  • helping in choosing the optimal hair length and hair style
  • assisting the client in choosing a hair shade and coloring technique
  • choice of hairstyle that fits the occasion (holiday, anniversary, corporate party, and others)
  • ability to create stage hairstyles
  • selection of the type of hair styling
  • making haircuts, all types of hair curling (hair curlers, chemical and electric), coloring, leveling curls
  • increase the volume and quality of hair with wigs, extensions
  • knowledge of modern hair alignment and treatment technologies
  • consulting clients
  • hair care treatments
  • conference attendance and participation in various competitions

Also, the specialist should be able to develop options for hairstyles, adapting them for makeup and customer attire. Often hair stylists work in a team with makeup artists, photographers, and designers, in order to create a complete image for photo shoots or performances. Hence, the hair stylist is far more creative than it seems to be at first sight.


The profession of hair stylist is not easy at all and far not everyone can become successful at it. Believe it or not, you have naturally good taste. then, throughout your life experience you grind it by learning more about fashion and beauty. In order to be a hair stylist you have to be:

  • creative
  • open-minded
  • aware of new fashion trends
  • know a lot about beauty and fashion history

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Resume Example for Hair Stylist

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