Nail Technician Resume Example with Skills and Description

How to Write a Nail Technician Resume?

Beauty has never had such a broad definition and interpretation as now. Self-care probably has also never been of bigger importance than now. Hence, there is a huge demand for beauticians from different spheres and ranges on the market. Nail Technician is among them. This is a job that gets more and more popular every day since nail fashion is as important as clothing.

A Nail Technician is a specialist who helps women and men keep their nails healthy, neat, and fashionable. So, learn more about responsibilities and give yourself a chance to receive a new high-demanded job.

Job description

Nail technicians provide a wide range of services on daily bases, so don't get into a trap of a stereotype that it is a boring job. Below you can find a list of tasks nail technicians complete or should be able to complete on a daily basis:

  • performs various types of manicures with elements of modern methods of care
  • performs various types of pedicures with elements of modern methods of care
  • carries out complex skin and nail care using various chemical and physical methods (paraffin wraps of the hands, whitening nails, care for the cuticle, a mask for the hands, etc.)
  • repairs, repairs, and strengthens the nail plate; grinding and polishing of the nail plate
  • sealing nails
  • performs decorative (artistic) decoration, painting, and nail design using various methods using different materials
  • selects drugs and makes recommendations for the care of nails and hands
  • models (increases) nails by various methods
  • makes corrections to the increased nails
  • performs complex artistic and author's works on natural and artificial nails
  • complies with the requirements of personal hygiene and industrial sanitation
  • immediately notifies his immediate supervisor of all shortcomings found during work
  • provides first aid to clients who received an injury


The profession of a nail technician involves:

  • finger sensitivity
  • being kind to people
  • has a matey and tactful manners.
  • patience and good listening skills (professional could spend up to two hours with one client)
  • hand skills to do detailed and tiny work
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • has the creativity and artistic ability with nail work
  • and, of course, a passion for nails is a must-have!

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Nail Technician Resume Example with Skills and Description

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