Resume Example for Office Secretary

How to make a resume for an office secretary

When writing a resume for an office secretary, it is imperative to specify your qualifications, namely to describe the following points, which are required to obtain a position in the company:

  • responsibility;
  • organization of work;
  • passion for order;
  • ability to organize the work of his and other people who work in the company;
  • very good memory;
  • regularity;
  • discipline;
  • the ability to set priorities;
  • ease of establishing contacts with people;
  • resistance to stress;
  • high personal culture;
  • availability;
  • the ability to create an image of the company;
  • many other useful and important functions.

When writing a resume for an office secretary it is important to indicate your professional knowledge to stand out positively against the background of other secretaries (applicants for this position). You can add a description of specialized technical skills. In the resume you can add non- important skills that are not related to the specialty, but are quite important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume, because in this profession it is necessary to carry out a large number of actions, the ability to take control of various stressful situations and qualitatively organize the workflow in the company.

Job description

The professional qualifications of the office secretary include the following items:

  • very good knowledge of native language and writing;
  • high level of fluency in a foreign language (usually in English) in speech and writing;
  • good organization of work in the office;
  • knowledge of office work and office programs;
  • ability to correspond in both the native language and foreign languages;
  • basics of accounting;
  • knowledge in the field of economic disciplines;
  • ability to reduce communication (business style of communication with clients);
  • possibility to use and know the details of various office equipment;
  • knowledge of the organizational structure of the company.

Increasingly, we meet in the company of an assistant secretary, whose work differs from the work of the secretary in the traditional sense. It is commonly accepted that the secretary connects the conversations, accepts the clients, executes the orders of the head, conducts a calendar of meetings, organizes work plans, travels (business trips), reminds of meetings and events, and also buys gifts and orders secretary deliveries; the assistant of the office secretary helps the latter to solve all these important matters.

Professional factors. An office secretary is a person who helps the company's manager in the organization of work, that is, supervises the workday, for example, works in administrative affairs, correspondence, conducts business records, organizes business meetings, through the contacts between manager, clients, and staff. The office secretary is the right hand of the chief of the company.

Working conditions. The office of the office secretary is the office, the so-called secretariat. This work involves many contacts with people. The work time is usually 8 hours. The work is individual, although under the supervision of the boss. Most of the duties that a person is doing is sitting, during a long seat, problems such as back pain, arms, shoulders, eye strain, and others may occur, so the important nuance is a regular 5-10 minute break.

Professional opportunities

The secretary can work where the secretariat functions, for example, in corporations, in large companies, in all branches of industry, trade, services, offices, institutions, schools, etc.


Requirements for office secretary positions and skills needed. The office secretary must have at least a secondary education, preferably higher and fluent in at least one foreign language. This is possible if the employee in this position demonstrates skills acquired in a secondary school with an administrative office profile or specialized training courses. As already mentioned, an important point and an interesting feature here is a good command of English and a computer (office applications, fast search of the necessary information on the Internet), in some cases, you may be required to hold a B category driver's license. This employee should be characterized, among other things: organizational and communicative skills, dedication and ability to work independently under pressure, to be stress-resistant, it must be present: openness, creativity, communication, and responsibility, as well as a pleasant appearance. Through access to a lot of important information, the secretary should be careful and tactical. Contraindications to this profession are a serious defect in hearing and vision. The most employed in this profession are women under the age of 40.

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Resume Example for Office Secretary

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