Resume Example for Office Administrator

How to Make a Resume for an Office Administrator

When writing a resume for an office administrator, it is important to provide information about your managerial skills to positively stand out against the background of other candidates for an administrator position. You can add a description of specialized technical skills. In the resume, you can add non-important skills that are not specific to the specialty (administration) but are very important in the professional plan, so you can highlight this information in your resume since the office administrator's profession requires managing a large number of technical devices. These skills include the following points: the ability to take control of various stressful situations and qualitative organization of work.

Job description


An employee of the administration coordinates all activities related to the smooth functioning of the office. The tasks of an administrative worker include:

  • permanent secretarial support from management;
  • maintenance of the register of incoming and outgoing mail supervision of the proper circulation of documents;
  • maintenance of office documentation;
  • correspondence with foreign partners;
  • registration of personal files of personnel for personnel documentation of employees;
  • preparation of personnel reports;
  • accounting of working time and employment, salary calculation;
  • issuance of a work permit;
  • preparation of documents for the social welfare office;
  • cooperation with the accounting service preparation of financial documents for accounting following the procedures;
  • preparation of monetary reports;
  • keeping a calendar of meetings;
  • organization of business trips, domestic and foreign;
  • preparation of meetings and conferences from technical maintenance of providing the necessary documents, materials, notification of participants, organization of the technical side of the operation of the event;
  • preparation of minutes and reports of meetings;
  • servicing business partners;
  • exchange of documents with internal and external clients;
  • preparation of letters and reports for the board;
  • providing information to employees and stakeholders;
  • support in the coordination of contracts;
  • mediation in the transfer of information between departments and between employees and management;
  • care about an efficient flow of information at the enterprise;
  • representation of the company beyond the care of the company's good image;
  • support in the proper condition of office equipment, telephone, computer, fax, and photocopier;
  • archiving and storing of documents following the current normative documents;
  • cooperation with senior management of the company;
  • organization of work related to the maintenance of equipment and technical devices;
  • overseeing the provision of the necessary materials and stationery by the secretariat;
  • inventory control and analysis.


The modern labor market is characterized by a variety of workers and employers; this also applies to vacancies for an office administrator. And it means not only the differences associated with personality, character traits, or temperament. These elements, of course, exist and are important in building relationships. However, in this aspect, it is important to take into account the (main) differences between generations, with a special emphasis on the generation of young people who only make the first steps in the modern labor market.

For students and graduates of higher educational institutions, this question seems to be the most interesting. Now, the office of administrative work is in high demand among young people. An administration worker is a very popular and very desirable place, especially among newly graduated graduates of higher education institutions of different faculties, with a special emphasis on management.

And what about the supply and demand for this post? Do employers want to hire students? Will the graduate of the faculty be able to find a job? Here are some of the questions that I will try to answer in my article to bring students and graduates into the labor market in the direction of management, taking into account the differences between generations.

Brief characteristics of generations

Currently, there are three generations in the labor market:

Each of these groups is characterized by a completely different approach to work, values, and different properties that they use in their work. All of them have different characteristics and competencies, while all of them are other office administrators.

Young professionals are very smart people who were educated in times of rapid development of the IT industry, completed courses, and knowledge of foreign languages opened their way to the modern labor market and rapid career opportunities. The characteristics of the office administrator's workplace require the study of the tools and software used by the company to carry out all administrative procedures that are in the successful operation of all branches and all departments working in the company.

An office administrator is a position in almost every company, government, and private institution.

The tasks of the administrative worker are to:

  • maintain order in the archives, letters, and documents;
  • keep a register of letters;
  • create and maintain records and records of the personal affairs of employees;
  • maintain a register of prints related to service, legal documentation, and documentation on office and business matters;
  • qualitative organization of work related to maintaining official technical equipment, devices, or premises.

The office administrator works and organizes legal acts and separates and registers the correspondence of the company. 

His tasks include the:

  • preparation of initial versions of letters;
  • regulations, and reports, which he then submits to the approval of the authorities.
The office administrator recounts delegations, contacts companies, and repairs technical equipment. In a sense, he is responsible for logistics in his company. It also prepares documents and provides information to employees and stakeholders.

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Resume Example for Office Administrator

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