Resume Example for Business Manager

How to Make a Resume for a Business Manager

When writing a resume for a business manager's position in 2024, it is necessary to describe not only key knowledge in the field of business activity but also need to specify additional points, such as experience in this position. You can add a description of specialized financial skills and a deep knowledge of various business tools in this area. In the resume, you can add unimportant skills that are not related to the specialty but are very important in the professional plan.

Job description

Documents regulating business manager's activities

Internal documents:

  • Statute of the enterprise,
  • Orders and orders of the director of the enterprise;
  • Regulations on the organizational, analytical department,
  • Position of the business manager,
  • Rules of internal labor regulations.

Job responsibilities of a business manager

Business manager performs:

  • Manages a department or group of employees working on a particular business project.
  • Develops an administrative plan for the work of a unit or group.
  • Make estimates (budget) of the unit or project group.
  • Plans organize and control the procurement of resources and materials necessary for the operation of the unit or project group.
  • Manages internal investment.
  • It develops methods for organizing the work of a unit or project group to improve the quality indicators and optimize administrative management in a unit or group of the project.
  • Represents a unit or group of the project in negotiations with clients and counterparties in a relationship with the management of the enterprise.
  • Organizes the study and implementation of special projects related to administrative management and technical activities and unit or business project groups.
  • Provides documentation for the implementation of a business project, organizes its presentation to the management of the company, and responds to questions on the implementation of individual stages of the business project.
  • Organizes operational accounting in a subdivision or a project group.
  • Performs other related functions.

Rights of the business manager

The business manager has the right:

  • Act on behalf of the department, and represent the interests of the enterprise in its relations with other structural divisions of the enterprise, organizations, and state authorities.
  • To interact with the managers (employees) of all (separate) structural subdivisions of the enterprise.
  • To get acquainted with the projects of the decisions of the management of the enterprise concerning the activity of the structural unit headed by him.
  • To submit proposals for improving the activities of the company and its headquartered structural unit, in particular, to the management for consideration.
  • Participate in preparing draft orders, instructions, estimates, contracts, and other documents related to the activities of the structural subdivision.
  • Within the scope of its competence, sign and sign documents.
  • To independently correspond with the structural subdivisions of the enterprise, as well as other organizations, on matters within its competence.
  • To submit proposals to the director of the enterprise to involve the officials of the structural unit headed by him according to the results of inspections to material and disciplinary responsibility.

Responsibility of a business manager

The business manager is responsible:

  • Due to improper performance or non-fulfillment of their official duties provided for by this job description, within the limits specified by the current labor law in force.
  • For offenses committed in the course of their activities, within the limits specified by the current administrative, criminal, and civil law.
  • For material losses incurred within the limits specified by the labor and civil legislation in force.

Terms of business manager's business

The mode of business of a business manager is determined following the rules of the internal labor regulations established at the enterprise.

The terms of payment of a business manager

The remuneration of the business manager is determined by the provisions on staff remuneration.


The business manager has the following professional skills and actively applies them in the following activities:

  • legislative and normative legal acts, methodological materials that regulate the activities of enterprises, institutions, and organizations in the management of personnel;
  • goals, development strategy, and business plan of the enterprise;
  • labor law;
  • fundamentals of market economics, entrepreneurship, and business;
  • the situation of the labor market and educational services;
  • methodology for planning and forecasting the needs of staff;
  • methods of analyzing the quantitative and qualitative composition of employees;
  • modern concepts of personnel management;
  • a system of standards for labor, labor, and social standards;
  • the basis of production technology and development perspectives, management structure, and staffing;
  • fundamentals of sociology and labor psychology;
  • the ethics of business communication;
  • advanced personnel work technologies, standards, and unified forms of personnel documentation;
  • methods of information processing with the use of modern technical means of communication and communication, computer technology;
  • rules and norms of labor protection, fire safety, and industrial sanitation.

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Resume Example for Business Manager

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