Resume Example for Salon Receptionist

How to Write Salon Receptionist Resume

If you have been told that you are a pleasant person and you are nice to deal with - you can actually start getting benefits from it. To be more precise, you can start earning on it. If you have good attitude, know approaches and principles of time-management, and easy establish rapport - you might enjoy being a receptionist. Add love to beauty industry and your bets fitting job is definitely a salon receptionist. It is really exciting job, because you will be the first and the last person a salon's customers see. Thus, you a place will get associated with. If you will provide good assistance, clients will extrapolate impression about you to the whole team, even if your communication styles are different.

Job description

A visit to a beauty salon is more than just a hike for a new haircut or beauty treatment. After all, an almost magical atmosphere reigns in a good salon: beautiful, comfortable, attentive and skillful staff, and, most importantly, every visitor has a feeling that he is VIP, even if he came to a small economy class lounge. In addition to meeting and advising clients about salon services, the administrator manages the cash register and settlements with clients, maintains cash records, and sells home-care products. On his shoulders - the resolution of conflicts with clients, which should be constructive.In addition to communicating with clients, the administrator of a beauty salon has other duties, such as providing the salon with the necessary tools for work: cosmetics, equipment, supplies, and compliance with sanitary standards. Therefore, the most important part of the duties of a salon administrator or hairdresser is communication with customers. These include:

  • Filling customer profiles and scheduling in CRM system. Timely reminders about recording. Meeting visitors and disposing communication with them.
  • Competenting advice on the full range of services and products. Even if the questions seem to be quite trivial or not directly related to the service that the client requested. Some administrators believe that consulting is outside their scope. Meanwhile, it helps to raise the salon in two directions at once: it increases the level of customer satisfaction and contributes to an increase in the average bill.
  • Settling conflicts and the ability to always maintain the image of the cabin at a height.
  • Holding interest to the salon at a high level. This includes, among other things, informing customers about current promotions, new products and services.


There are some skills that you are required to have to become a salon receptionist. Check them out and make sure to include them in your resume. As a salon receptionist, you will have to:

  • Understand the specifics of the work of specialists - hairdressers, cosmetologists, makeup artists, etc
  • Know the features of the services provided, including services of competitors
  • Understand cosmetic preparations and procedures
  • Be able to organize a team
  • Know PC
  • Be sociable, friendly and stress-resistant
  • Know the basics of merchandising
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Resume Example for Salon Receptionist

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