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Barista cooks both natural coffee from grains and beverages based on it (for example, ristretto, cappuccino, latte, americano, various cocktails, etc.).At first, the barista was a job name for people who combined the duties of bartenders and coffee machine operators, preparing espresso. But thanks to the popularity of coffee, baristas gradually appeared, specializing exclusively in the preparation of espresso and its derivatives (latte, cappuccino, and other coffee drinks).

For Italians, this is a profession of special honor; that is why real virtuosos of their work devote their entire life to the study of the history of coffee. They know all the subtleties of the methods of collecting and processing its grains. Whole family clans of Italian baristas are popular in the whole country. When a barista achieves the best results in an espresso area, they can classify himself as a master barista, which is huge in Italy even now. To brew a quality drink, a barista must know its cooking technology. A fun fact is that the standards for the preparation of espresso were defined by the National Institute of Italian Espresso, and if they are broken, the brewed coffee can no longer be called espresso. Baristas also should not only make good coffee but also present it to the client beautifully. So, this profession requires good taste and aesthetic vision.

Job description

Ideally, this specialist should know everything about coffee as well as the process of its preparation. Baristas should take into account the preferences of visitors and advise the variety or blend that best meets the needs of the client. In real life, when hiring, knowledge of the process may not be necessary. However, a professional barista anyways should deal with a coffee maker, coffee machine, pitcher (special milk container), grinder (professional coffee grinder), and other devices, understand the principle of their work, know the terminology, and have an idea about varieties and types of grain, the impact of grinding, roasting and water temperature on the taste of the product.


A barista should know everything about coffee: how different coffee beans types are, in what conditions they grow, what methods it is harvested, processed, and roasted; and the way they roast, what taste and aroma gives each type of coffee; and also know the storage conditions of grain and ground coffee. For example, in humid air, coffee beans change their taste. Baristas must be able to work with the equipment for making coffee, whether a professional coffee machine or a simple coffee maker.

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Resume Example for Barista

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