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How to Write a Waiter Resume

In 2021 a waiter is a profession in the sphere of public catering, which does not actually require special training. Historically in Eastern European and Asia boys from peasant families studied this craft for four years, starting with dishwashers and cleaners. Interestingly, the tips were handed over to the general cashier and, at the end of the working day, were divided equally among all employees. Another fun fact is that many famous people began their careers with the profession of waiter. For example, Alain Delon worked in a pub, Brad Pitt worked in a fast-food restaurant.

Job description

The waiter serves food to visitors to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and other catering establishments. Each institution has its own requirements for the work of staff. In accordance with them, waiters greet customers and arrange and serve the tables along with the set pattern and standard etiquette. In addition, they wear a certain uniform and often a badge with a name. There are restaurants where the staff moves on roller skates. There are several restaurants in the world with utter darkness, so the waiters cannot work without night vision devices. The waiter should know the menu of his establishment, the technology of cooking, their characteristics, and prices. Waters should be able to advise guests on dishes and alcoholic beverages.

The work of the waiter is quite intense. The waiter is almost always in motion and on his feet. The schedule can be sliding. A working day often starts early in the morning, sometimes it is necessary to work at night, on weekends and holidays. Banquets and special occasions are served by the waiters according to certain rules and requirements. Waiters bring bills to customers and are liable for broken dishes. The waiter changes the tablecloths and napkins and maintains cleanliness in the hall of the institution.


Not only the volume of tips but sometimes the reputation of an establishment depends on personal qualities. A client may not return to a cafe or restaurant if once he has been served unworthily there. Therefore, the waiter should be polite, friendly, and emotionally stable and treat all visitors to the establishment equally. He should look good, have clear diction and developed communication skills.

Since he/she spends most of his work day on his feet, taking and delivering orders, he/she needs to be physically fit. At peak hours, the waiter must show special dexterity and coordination of movements - it's not at all easy to cruise in a crowded room with a heavy tray in hand.

The waiter should have to remember the features of all dishes from the restaurant menu. He must also have a good memory for faces so as not to forget who he serves. The quality required for this employee is observation. In order not to force the client to wait long for the next dish or check and to prevent unscrupulous visitors to leave without paying, the waiter should closely monitor everyone.

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Resume Example for Waitress

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