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A cook is a person who is engaged in cooking in catering establishments which are growing in their numbers in 2023. But these boring words cannot fully characterize the chef profession. Cooks sometimes are real wizards who can cook a dish from the most ordinary products, whose name is a masterpiece of taste. Of course, any person can cook something edible, such as scrambled eggs. But the cook products will cook the most delicate egg souffle. Does it sound intriguing..?

Job description

It is necessary to know the recipes and technology of cooking, the rules for storing products in accordance with sanitary and hygienic norms, the economy and organization of catering, and the design and regulations for using special equipment.

A culinary specialist or a cook is a person who conjures in the kitchen. Literally! He has to know a lot: the structure and specificity of public catering enterprises, sanitary standards, safety regulations, primary processing of raw materials, distinguishing fresh fish from thawed ones, choosing the right meat and vegetables, preparing all this for use ... In addition, the cook needs to know a lot about the composition of food and its caloric content, food storage, nutritional physiology, menu compilation rules, food preparation technology, and equipment operation. The food must be served beautifully, creating a unique still life from each dish.

Sometimes knowledge of the restaurant economy is also required:

  • competent paperwork,
  • calculations and pricing


The profession of cooking, in its way, is unique. Although some people do not perceive it as such, believing that there is nothing difficult in the art of cooking: you just have to combine the ingredients, and the oven itself will bring the dish to standard. And who in our time can not cook? Anyone could work as a cook! However, it is not. In this case, the main thing - is talent, a sense of taste, and fantasy.

On the one hand, this profession requires meticulous accuracy; on the other hand, the existence of a creative vein to come up with an original recipe or an exquisite decoration of the dish. Smelling and delicate taste sensations will help the chef to reach heights in his career. Also, a good cook should be attentive, careful, organized, and have a good memory. For the master of the highest class, smoking is taboo because tobacco smoke distorts the taste perception.

Resume Example for Cook

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