Check your Resume

A resume is your proposal for cooperation. There is the prospect of an interesting job, a new project, a higher salary for the first acquaintance. A story about you will work if it is correctly composed and answers the main questions of the employer. To make your resume good, you can use a free resume check. We have explained through examples how to check if you have a good resume.

Check your Resume

Tell about the experience correctly

Read the text of the vacancy carefully. Why are you coming to this position? Tell in two or three sentences about what you did with previous employers and what experience you gained for a new position.


Work experience:

From 2010 to 2011 - tire shop "Fifth Wheel".

From 2012 to 2014 - an assistant to the master, the Ultra plant.


2007–2014 - IE “Horizon of Fortune”, accountant. Accounting for individual entrepreneurs with employees on the simplified tax system.

2014–2017 - Keramika-Aero Plant, chief accountant. Conducted enterprise accounting at 1C. I know the configuration “Production Enterprise Management 8.3” well. Familiar with the calculation of employee salaries ("Salary and HR 8.3").

The name of a well-known company in the resume is a plus. Such names as Xerox, Lufthansa, The New York Times tell the employer that the candidate has a high professional status, is familiar with the planning, and knows how to work according to the rules. But, if your last job is not too well known, tell them about the skills - those are the proofs of professionalism.


To process resumes faster, managers check them for keywords. For a developer, these are programming languages, and for an accountant - versions of configurations. Use the right keywords to make it easier to find and select you.

Remove excess

Write about those places of work or projects that are suitable for the vacancy within the meaning. If you want to get an SMM specialist position, give a link to the accounts that you have. But you don’t focus on the side job of the call center operator.

Check literacy

Run the resume text through any online error checking service. Correct spelling and punctuation errors. The properly written text makes a good impression, and a resume with errors gives out a rush or carelessness. General rules: past tense, minimum pronouns, simple sentence constructions. Do not mix times; remove the extra "I" and "my."

Choose a suitable photo

You need a portrait photo where you calmly look at the camera, and your face is clearly visible. If there is no suitable frame, ask a friend to photograph you on a light monophonic background. For those who wear glasses: choose a frame where they do not glare. A photo in sunglasses, a random shot from a holiday or vacation, a selfie - will not work.

Covering letter

If you send your resume by email, add some information about yourself. Start with a simple one: tell who you are and what you do. This greeting should be short and clear. No complicated terms and nuances are needed - experience will tell about you better.

If you have already compiled a resume but are not sure if it is tailored correctly, you can use a free resume online check. Fortunately, there are free services that check your CV for adequacy.

Feature of the CV Duck service - all resumes are considered by real people. CV Duck reviewers are experts with experience in the IT industry, making it possible to give industry-specific recommendations. CV Duck is the only service that simultaneously combines the experience of HR specialists from different countries working in the IT field, a personalized approach, and international experience, taking into account the peculiarities of local markets and national languages. For example, in Russian IT, they mostly compose resumes in Russian - not everyone wants to start working in conditional Google and are more focused on the domestic labor market (in many countries, it is more common to use resumes in the national language than in English for job search). English-language compilers for such resumes are not suitable.

In general, the views of HR professionals in IT about a good resume around the world are quite similar, with the exception of nuances. Therefore, CV Duck HR consultants rely on international practice in their recommendations. And CV Duck editors help users stick to the right professional style and express their thoughts clearly.

What is a resume checker?

This is another important requirement of any company - the candidate must be fluent in English and possess the necessary writing skills. In fact, CV is the first substantial test and one of the most common ways to communicate in a modern workplace. A free resume checker scans the text to detect errors or deficiencies and improve the overall readability of the text.

Can you check my resume for uniqueness? Of course, this is one of the main features of resume writing services. And the copied text will not be passed through the ATS system and, in any case, will be a big drawback. Some people feel like copying their examples from the Internet, thinking they are better written. However, this is a huge mistake that can lead to being blacklisted. It is extremely important to have a completely original document confirming your qualifications. Our team always checks any resume for plagiarism to make sure there are no similarities, and the text is completely authentic.


Grammar is another thing that proves skills and professional qualities of the candiate. Even if you have a Harvard degree, no one will take you seriously if you make obvious mistakes. Of course, there is software that helps correct simple errors, but there are many that require a professional look; professionals check all resumes according to their fantastic level of knowledge and experience.

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