Resume Example for Government

Tips for Writing Government Resumes

1. Create an Image of Your Strong Self Within the Resume

What comes up to your mind first, when you are thinking of governments jobs in 2021? Perhaps, people, who are occupying them. You picture them in a specific way: being serious, professional, devoted, persistent, hardworking, ready to sacrifice...You can pick it up from here and keep on going with your own associations, but most probably, they will relate to the same semantic group, describing successful and strong people. Your potential employers should see an image of a person with these exact characteristics behind a piece of paper with your resume, written on it. Now, don't get us wrong: it should not be a self praising. You should mention the most significant achievements and the most important engagements in your CV, which will speak for themselves. Your deeds should depict you as a strong and determined person, completely suitable for a government job.

2. Use Professional Language

When studying an open call or a vacancy posted pay attention to the job-specific keywords. Use them in your resume. First of all, it will make you sound more qualified. Second of all, it will actually help you to speak the same language with your potential employer. Think of it this way: you are making a dialogue with your future employer right now. This is not a vacancy that you are responding to. Right now you are coming up with an answer to people, who are standing behind that vacancy. Picture them: who are they and what makes them request fresh workforce on a certain position? What exactly do they need from you? What they might like or dislike about you? Now speak to them: describe yourself and your skills and abilities to feel their requirements. Imagine them reading your resume as a response. Do you fit in to their team? If you feel uncertain, you have to review and adjust your resume.

3. Apply Credible References to Your Resume

Your work experience and academic background should be truly depicted in you resume. Don't try to sugarcoat it, it is not going to make any better, trust us. Prove your words by adding references from the relevant fields of occupation and credible people. They can be your professors, teammates, managers, who are ready to discuss your professional and personal side. For government job it is of a great importance to have a network, which can claim you are a good person and a confident professional to deal with.

4. Test Drive Your Resume

Now, when you think you are done, it is a high time to arrange a test drive for your resume. What is meant by that? Find someone, who works in a related governmental field you are applying to, or at least some experienced recruiter. Show them your resume and ask them to find its weak points or flaws. It is clear that as this point you are ready to collect award for your hard work on your resume, but a fresh view can help you to make your resume even better. Don't be afraid of critic or negative feedback. Consider it a chance to improve your resume.


Focus on what you can bring into community, when start working for governmental institution. Make sure your potential employees understand your intention to work for the benefit of society. These are some more skills and abilities that you should state in your resume.

  • High level of stress resistance
  • Problem shooting skills
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • Ability to switch from task to task immediately;
  • Ability to stay focused and concentrated for a long time
  • Design thinking

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Resume Example for Government

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