Teacher Resume Writing Tips
Luci Peters
Certified Professional Resume Writer
February 22, 2022, 8:42 am

Teacher Resume Writing Tips

Teacher resumes may seem to be the easiest to write. The job descriptions, skills, and abilities in different positions are quite similar, so you need to make space for and pay attention merely to the achievements section. However, professional resume writers insist that such resumes are nearly the most difficult ones to write and require some time to convey all things appropriately. The difficulty is in the fact that your teacher resume should stand out from dozens of other teacher resumes, which are likely to include a basic set of job duties and skills. To make a difference, you should focus on skills that make you a unique asset.

Here are some tips that may help you during the writing process:

Focus on Your Quantified Professional Experience

Remember that recruiting managers like figures and bullet points. Do not be too narrative about your achievements; just mention your success using numerical data.

Make Sure Your Resume Is Achievement-Oriented

This rule also refers to the idea that your resume should show you as an achiever rather than a doer. If you want to get another job as a teacher, mention your achievements first. If you want this resume to fit a career change, think of the best skills and abilities that led to the successes at the previous job.

What to Do If You Think You Lack Accomplishments

Do not worry: this is not true. Probably, you do not know how to put them in the appropriate language. Spare one day by quantifying everything you do at work. This can be the number of students in classes, amount of home assignments checked, and time spent on extracurricular activities. You will soon come to the conclusion that you are a brilliant multi-tasker with a huge record of success. Professional resume writers unanimously agree that every teacher’s job duty can be quantified. You just need to find the right words.

Do Not Neglect Your Certifications

Many teachers neglect to mention their certifications in their resumes or CVs even though they anticipated receiving them. This is a bit strange because specialists in other industries sometimes include even not relevant ones. Even though there are big differences in teacher certifications across states, your certification will matter to recruiting managers. It proves your qualification.

Use Field-Specific Action Words

There are many action words that can be applicable to teacher resume, and no one can put any limitations on their usage. However, some words may help in fine-tuning your teacher resume. For example, assess, develop, instruct, showcase, encourage, motivate, plan, teach, etc.

How To Convey Entry-Level Teacher Experience

Every work you did matters. Even if you are an entry-level teacher, you have gained professional exposure to extensive training and classroom management. This is your field experience that should be conveyed. Instead of writing “Work Experience,” name the category as “Interactive Field Experience” and mention it in a bullet format just as you would do with job positions.

Areas of Expertise or Skills Section

Your skills are your keywords. Remember this when listing your professional and soft skills. Furthermore, pay attention to technical skills and competencies because modern teachers are required to be technically versed.

Mention Your Affiliations, Honors, or Study Abroad Experience

Highlight your foreign academic experience and make recruiters know that you can apply an intercultural approach to education. Do not avoid mentioning any of your awards or honors. List relevant affiliations and demonstrate that you are professionally curious and enjoy keeping abreast of the latest industry trends with your colleagues.


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