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The actor is a professional performer of roles in theater and cinema. Acting art originated in the days of ancient Greece. The profession was one of the most prestigious. But it was not always so. Medieval Europe considered acting a disgrace. Church servants could break the musical instrument of the buffoon, jester, or mummer, beat him, and put him in prison. The attitude changed only in the Renaissance. And it became prestigious in the XX century and still remains in 2023.

Job description

The duties of the actor include:

  • learning the role of the text;
  • visiting rehearsals (shootings), together with other actors, the stage manager;
  • independently developing the future image of the hero.

Sometimes, for deeper immersion in the image, an actor has to study additional literature, for example, books on history and biographies - to embody the image of a real historical figure. The final stage is a performance in the theater or the filming of a movie. Actor theater takes part not only in performances and rehearsals but also in some other works of the theater.


The actor should feel free and behave in front of the public, not have internal clips. This professional should be able to destabilize their everyday problems and fully immerse themselves in the role. Punctuality and responsibility are also very important for an actor. The film actor works in front of the camera, where the smallest changes in facial expressions and body movements are noticeable. Therefore, it is important to be able to concentrate and not to lose the logic of behavior and clarity of thought. In the work of the actor of the theater, there is no second double.

  • Good diction;
  • Ability to own a voice;
  • Musical ear;
  • Scenic charm.

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Resume Example for Actor

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