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Dance as a ritual has been accompanying humanity from ancient times till 2021. This is evidenced by the rock carvings of dancing people, discovered in the territories of India and Egypt and dating from 3300 BC. In those days, dance was used as part of a ritual, ceremony, or, for example, as a sign of attention. Now dance is considered one of the types of art. The art of dance itself is called choreography. If we are guided by the origin of this word, then it can be understood as a record of dance movements using special characters.

Job description

The choreographer can be engaged in staging not only dances, but also ballet and concert performances. At the same time, his main task is in creating an integral, beautifully designed and in its own unique composition. The choreographer works with a group of dancers, distributes the created images between them, taking into account the abilities and character of each. This specialist also selects music and costumes. During classes, he works on mastering the technique of dance performance by the team. Choreographers can work in dance schools, fitness centers, and also give private lessons.


The choreographer needs to be not only a professional dancer, but also a real intellectual, a connoisseur of various types of art. He should be able to create dances both through the processing of other people's work, and based solely on his own ideas. In addition to training with the group, he will have to negotiate with artists, musicians, designers, technicians, and PR managers.

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Resume Example for Choreographer

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