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How to Write Fitness Instructor Resume

Fitness as a lifestyle functioned during the time of the emergence of ancient civilizations. Exercises were considered to be the key to further health. Working out was compulsory for all the citizens in Ancient Greece and Roman Empire. Attention was paid to the physical form of women so that they could later produce healthy offspring. After that, fitness was forgotten and reborn again. Understanding the fact that the quality of life depends on the level of physical development of a person begins in the twentieth century. In 2023, fitness is a very popular activity, and new programs and exercises are being developed. Again, there has always been a need for experienced mentors who can motivate the result. The existence of the profession of "fitness trainer" became possible due to the social needs of qualified specialists who are able to carry out effective recreational activities, taking into account the wishes and individual needs of people.

Job description

Fitness classes bring a visible effect only if the recommendations of the trainer are followed. An experienced mentor helps clients to create a training regime, selects an exercise system, and sets the correct workload. The instructor leads a group or personal training, and can specialize in a particular direction. Fitness services are available to trainers and athletes to keep their fitness in good shape. A fitness trainer is an expert in both physical exercise and healthy lifestyles because he is able to give practical advice on how to form a diet. An excellent specialist, and after a while, there are personal clients that advertise his services in their circles. The advantages of the profession of Fitness Trainer include the ability to maintain physical fitness. However, in some cases, the loads are excessive, which is considered a disadvantage. It is worth considering that classes often occur in the evenings, which entails a shift in the instructor's work schedule.


  • taking control over the health of simulators, the availability of necessary equipment;
  • monitoring safe usage of equipment;
  • advising clients on the choice of a set of exercises, the intensity of training, the level of stress, diet, and so on;
  • based on the type of training and level of client training, the instructor selects suitable exercises and adjusts the number of approaches


Important qualities:

  • excellent physical form;
  • endurance;
  • strategic thinking;
  • good memory;
  • sociability;
  • the presence of leadership qualities;
  • activity;
  • perseverance;
  • the ability to restrain emotions;
  • perseverance;
  • he presence of the abilities of the organizer;
  • the ability to accurately allocate time and predict future results.

Skills and knowledge:

Working as a trainer requires knowledge in the field of physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics.

A fitness trainer is a specialist who, in the process of developing a training program, is guided both by the preferences of the client and his state of health. The instructor must be constantly interested in new methods in the fitness industry.

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Resume Example for Fitness Instructor

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