Resume Example for Package Handler

How to make a resume for a package handler

When writing a resume for the package handler position in 2021, it is extremely important to indicate the experience (if any) and your skills, such as fast work in the workforce, stress resistance, work experience in a similar position, work planning, ability to manage production, you can Specify the specialized technical skills that you own, so you can highlight this information in your resume, because in this profession you need to be a multi-functional employee who can quickly and qualitatively carry out large volumes of work.

Job description

One of the most frequently proposed positions in the modern labor market, which can be easily found, is packaging. Many people want to work in warehouses, people are accepted even without experience - this is one of the advantages of the work itself. Such work is extremely suitable for students, who may be offered unnecessary contracts and flexible work schedules for two or three changes. In this case, you need to work pretty fast, the job itself is easy enough to be successful, without the need to use heavy physical strength. Of course, this kind of employment is rather monotonous. Different companies require people who will quickly and qualitatively carry out the required amount of daily work so that you can easily find a job in cosmetics or medicine packaging, which is a fairly easy job, but not necessarily high-paying.

There are other options, and in their case, you need to have a wide range of professional skills. The work of the packer for stable people. In some companies, even when you are packing boxes in cartons, you must have extremely well-developed manual skills and work very quickly, sometimes by throwing heavy objects. If the work is performed on automatic equipment, the indicators are usually much better, but they require accuracy and speed, and often require the whole process, from the preparation and assembly of the box, extracting the corresponding quantity of product from the production line, placing it in the box, ending it closing and fixing.


Position package handler is responsible for packaging using materials such as foil, cardboard or box. An employee in this position carries out his duties directly in the warehouse or the production hall. Work in this profession is due to the need to have a valid sanitary book. You should also consider the possibility of employment in a variable system (working in a warehouse in a specific time shift change). Key skills that you need to own for a position include accuracy, stress resistance, speed, and the ability to work in adverse conditions (cold storage that is not warmed up) because your main professional duties will include the following types of tasks:

  • Fast packaging of products to provide effective protection during their subsequent transportation;
  • Packing of goods in special protective cardboard boxes;
  • Packaging of medicines or food products;

Specific tasks depend on the industry in which the company and employee work. A good packer should be first and foremost punctual and accurate. The key feature of this position is also the ability to work in a team. In the case of the packaging of heavier products, physical fitness is an additional requirement. Check job placement suggestions. This post offers, as a rule, work mainly in warehouses, factories and various industrial zones. You can work in a pharmaceutical, electronic, food or sewing company.

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Resume Example for Package Handler

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