Resume Example for Quality Assurance

Tips on Writing Quality Assurance Resumes

A resume is the main document of the applicant when looking for work. It is a summary of your biography and professional experience that is most important to a potential employer. There is no uniform format for all resumes. The main thing in a resume is its information, content, and readability. If you are striving to get a quality assurance-related job, you have to prove that the quality of your work is flawless.

Customize your resume to your profession

There are no universal resumes for all professions. For each profession, different types of resumes are important. The task of each type of resume is to show what is most important for the profession. For example, for selling professions, it is important to show how you earned money for a company. Technical and IT professions are very important to show the presence of different skills and knowledge, marketing-implemented projects, etc.

Take an example from landing pages

You probably saw cool landing pages of sites. Your resume should be no worse. A good resume is interesting to read, and you want to read it to the end. Each phrase in the summary enhances the desire to buy it. It is very simple and clear navigation (sections). In addition, the summary must comply with generally accepted standards. Therefore, if you are not a designer or a representative of the creative profession, no background pictures in the resume

Share your achievements

If from my article you remember only one sentence, let it be about achievements. This immediately adds 50% of the cost to your resume. The recruiter is simply not able to interview everyone who sent a resume. Therefore, the one who indicated his achievements and was able to thereby interest the recruiter will always win.

Always check spelling

Usually, about 95% of all resumes have mistakes and typos. Check your resume for:

  • elementary grammatical errors (there was no spelling check);
  • mistakes in the spelling of foreign words (only Russian spell check is configured);
  • errors in punctuation marks: space before a comma, the comma between words without spaces;
  • There are different punctuation marks in the lists at the end of a sentence (ideally, they should not be; a full stop is put after the last item in the list).

Examples That May Interest You

  • Carpenter
  • Material Handler
  • Forklift Operator
  • Machine Operator
  • Plumber
  • Package Handler
  • Warehouse Worker


Resume Example for Quality Assurance

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