Professional resume preparation service

Why do some send resumes to dozens of companies and do not receive a response, while others send resumes to three companies and receive three invitations for interviews?

Professional resume preparation service

You can guess how or refer it to luck, but one thing is clear: good preparation gives good results. For this reason, it's best to think seven times and write a great resume once or turn to professional resume preparation services. They will help you get the job you want, with career opportunities, and everything you dream of.

In this article, you will learn about the important lessons you need to learn before writing a resume and the most common mistakes that are better to avoid.

Size matters

Recruiters are usually quite busy. That is why the main goal of your resume is to answer the question: "Why are you that perfect candidate?" For this purpose, you need to indicate in the title what position you are applying for, and all the information should be contained succinctly. You do not need to speak in a circumlocutory manner for five pages - the HR does not have time to read such pieces of literature. At best, he or she will not read it to the end. At worst - will not take up reading at all.


Most of all, recruiters are annoyed by illiterate resumes. There are now many ways to automatically check spelling and punctuation. Apart from the good old rule "you don't know how a word is spelled - replace it with a synonym."

Even if the vacancy is urgent or you were asked immediately to send a resume in which you are not sure, even if the resume was drawn up at half-past three in the night - literacy is a "must-have". All employers want to see diligent and accurate job seekers. If the resume is sloppy, there is only one conclusion - either the applicant is sloppy or lazy. None of these traits make an employer happy. And the resume goes to the trash can.

Job matching

You are applying for a vacancy or just writing to the HR manager - it doesn't matter. In both cases, you need to imagine what you want to do in the company and write a resume in accordance with this. By pointing out unnecessary things, you confuse the employer and give him unnecessary questions.

After people order the service of writing a "selling" resume, resume professionals carefully discuss their wishes for the job. They ask for vacancies that people liked, watch how employers describe the desired candidate, and look through similar vacancies. All this allows them to see the situation from both sides (through the eyes of the applicant and the employer). The result of all these actions - the resume becomes "closer" to the employer, and the job search is simplified and accelerated.

Clear and simple structure

This is probably the most important thing to create. The correct preparation of a resume for a job involves the correct structuring of information about yourself and your professional experience.

The classic resume structure is still the most relevant. According to some recruiters, the optimal order of writing information about yourself on a resume is something like this:

  • Name and surname.
  • Contact information: telephone number (s); E-mail address; if relevant to the job you are applying for, and provided that you are competent in compiling and updating profiles, links to social networks.
  • Key competencies: concise and digitalized information describing your knowledge, skills, competencies, experience.

    The only recommendation here is not to indicate trivial things: responsibility, learning ability, dedication, leadership abilities, high efficiency, stress resistance, striving for career growth. Many people write this and no longer even think about the meaning of these phrases. Don't be like “everyone”; learn to stand out from the crowd.

  • Education and additional training relevant to the position you are applying for. If you have been working for a long time, then it is recommended to indicate information about education briefly. If you are a graduate or student, then it is better to describe everything in more detail.

    Courses, pieces of training, seminars, and other educational activities can also be specified. Just remember that they must be relevant to the vacancy.

  • Work experience: a period of work, name, and profile of the company, position, and task of the position, succinctly - key functional responsibilities, achieved results. It is recommended to indicate the length of service of the last 5-9 years of work. To correctly draw up a resume for a job, professional experience must be indicated chronologically, starting with the last job. Accordingly, it is necessary to tell in more detail about the functions performed at the last place of work.
  • Additional cross-functional skills. It is desirable with clarifications: if it is knowledge of languages - then at what level, if proficiency in software - then it is better to mark specialized programs, and not just standard office programs almost every candidate is familiar with.
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