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Wood processing is one of the most ancient handicrafts man obtained. Almost all material things that surrounded a person were made of wood. Specialists working with wood have always been honored. Over time, changes were made to carpentry as new technologies were used. With the proliferation of individual housing construction, the demand for original high-quality joinery products grew, and the work of the joiner became more creative and responsible.

Job description

Carpenter is a worker who carries out all kinds of wood processing:

  • sawing, planning, sawing, drilling;
  • mark and cut sawn timber;
  • cut billets;
  • decorating, grounding, stacking, polishing;
  • assembles and assembles joiner's products;
  • carries out varnishing.

No building process can unfold without a carpenter. Their professional skills and aesthetic taste depend on the appearance of the house or premises. Joiner is a multidisciplinary profession. In the carpentry business, there are huge possibilities for invention. The carpenter is a specialist of a wide profile. In addition to wood processing, the master is engaged in the manufacture, assembly, and installation of various wooden products. In the process of work, a carpenter's work is based on a sketch or a drawing provided by the designer/customer. Masters of high qualification level develop sketches on their own.

Important qualities:

  • no problems with vision and hearing;
  • responsible approach to work;
  • accuracy;
  • scrupulousness;
  • good physical form;
  • fine motor skills are developed;
  • attentiveness; perseverance;
  • sense of composition and proportion;
  • creativity.


The carpenter must:

  • know the main breeds, properties, and defects of wood; methods of its processing, manufacturing, and installation of joiner's products; types of glue and varnishes;
  • have skills in electrical engineering, technical drawings;
  • be able to use hand tools and woodworking machines;
  • clean parts;
  • prepare surfaces for veneering;
  • to install window and door locks and built-in furniture;
  • to make billets of joiner's products.

Of great importance in his work are:

  • exact precursor,
  • attentiveness
  • neatness and patience
  • the presence of figurative memory;
  • aesthetic, artistic taste and creative thinking;
  • advanced imagination
  • skill.

A carpenter has to work for a long time in an impenetrable position and with significant noise. Therefore, medical countermeasures to perform the functions of a joiner, as well as the acquisition of this profession, are:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the vestibular apparatus,
  • rheumatism
  • hearing impairment
  • diseases of the respiratory system, skin, and vision.

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Resume Example for Carpenter

Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer

Resume Example for Carpenter

Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer

Resume Example for Carpenter

Kris GT
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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