Plumber Resume Skills and Job Descriptions Sample

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Once, people were warming themselves around fires. Then invented the furnace, which was placed inside the home. In 2023, the most widespread central heating with hot water and steam. In the future, it will be replaced by electric space heating. However, water heating is the cheapest and, therefore, the most common.

Thus, the maintenance of the premises of the most favorable - comfortable - artificial climate is achieved with the help of heating as well as ventilation systems. They provide space heating, clean air supply, and extraction of spent air, as well as certain airspeeds and necessary humidity. The work of heating and ventilation systems contributes to better preservation of the buildings themselves, which dampens and freezes in case of violations of heating and ventilation, which leads to their deformation and destruction.

Job description

A plumber is a skilled worker who specializes in installing, connecting, and repairing plumbing equipment. At the moment, the range of duties of this specialist may include a variety of plumbing work carried out in the field of heating, water supply, and sanitation. A plumber is needed everywhere. It brings convenience and comfort to people and creates conditions for productive work and good rest. This profession is attractive to those who like to show technical wisdom, and quickness, to combine physical and mental work.


A plumber should have developed a sense of touch, as well as a muscular feeling - kinesthesia. Correctly tighten the thread, determine how the spindle turns after packing the gland, and make sure the thread is clean before connecting the pipes - all this can be done by the sensitive hands of the plumber.

As you know, the movement of water, steam, and gas through the systems is accompanied by certain sounds. For the uninitiated, it's just a murmur, a tap, a hiss. And an experienced plumber on these sounds determines the state of the system, the location, and the nature of problems.

To find the boundary between the heated and non-heated devices, they must feel the temperature of their surfaces. This helps to quickly and accurately determine the location of the clogging system.

For those who are engaged in the installation and maintenance of gas systems, it is important to have a good sense of smell in order to notice a gas leak in time.

Walls of structures usually separate some elements of sanitary systems from others. In order to quickly and accurately identify the fault and eliminate it, the plumber must mentally imagine the entire system of devices and the pipes connecting them in the building, as if to see it with internal vision. At the same time, he should remember well the device of the entire system, the sequence of connections, and the operation of individual devices and mechanisms. Consequently, figurative memory plays an important role in this profession.

A plumber needs to understand the drawings, be able to make measurements, test equipment, and make sketches of elements of systems. To ensure the correct operation of heating and water supply systems, he must calculate which appliances and where to put them, the distances between them, and the diameter of the pipes.

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Plumber Resume Skills and Job Descriptions Sample

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