Resume Example for Material Handler

How to Write Material Handler Resume

Material handler is usually working in a warehouse in the shop. His main responsibilities are picking orders or products and moving goods. The worker monitors the safety of goods, takes part in their inventory. This job remains in high demand in 2021.

Job description

A professional material handler is a true expert, who is able to think quickly and efficiently, optimally calculating the algorithm of actions during loading and unloading operations. In this case, the handler is obliged to take into account safety precautions and be responsible for their own health and the health of others. The activity of the material handler is reduced to: loading and unloading large-size or heavy loads, delivery, installation and installation of household equipment, the movement of large loads.


To work as material handler , you will need to know rules of warehousing and storage conditions of goods, packaging methods, weighing mechanisms, as well as the order of paperwork. An important factor for applicants is good physical shape. Endurance, strength, ability to cope with large-sized goods are the requirements must take into account the material handler.

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Resume Example for Material Handler

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