Resume Example for Machine Operator

How to Write Machine Operator Resume

The profession of machine operator is considered to be quite universal in 2021. Representatives of this profession are involved in the production of material goods in all sectors of the national economy, starting from the production of household goods and food products to electronic equipment and space rockets. Basic engineering education and experience make it easy to navigate the constantly updated world of technology.

Job description

Everyday specific activity of a machine operator depends on his place of work. For example, a machine operator of a machine-building plant, working in a workshop, performs the following functions:

  • checks technical documentation;
  • plans equipment placement and workplace organization;
  • calculates production capacity and equipment load;
  • controls the process of welding technology, guiding the work of welders;
  • checks the correctness of the processes of welding and assembly of products;
  • carries out daily monitoring of the quality of work, identifying a marriage;
  • organizes the diagnosis, inspection and repair of machinery and equipment;
  • draws up technical specifications for the reconstruction of the existing and creation of new equipment;
  • takes part in the development of complex projects of enterprises of sectoral engineering and in the calculation of the economic efficiency of the projects being implemented

A machine operator working in the agro-industrial complex deals with:

  • organization of the work of the machine-tractor fleet of agricultural enterprises;
  • provision of spare parts, components and materials.


  • strong physical health
  • technical mindset
  • interest in technology
  • technical savvy
  • creative attitude to work
  • fast reaction
  • constructive and logical thinking
  • analytical mind
  • originality of thinking
  • ability to concentrate
  • organizational skills
  • perseverance and determination
  • Fluency in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CorelDraw, SCAD, KOMPAS-3D programs that are required in theoretical preparatory work.
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Resume Example for Machine Operator

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